the underwater robot (video)

Hello everyone, i have finally managed to get my robot to operate while submerged!
This just goes to show that an underwater game is a perfectly normal idea, as I was able to seal off the components of my robot rather easily.
Just wanted to share!


It’s me or the video brings me to Zeus’s reveal video?

It brings me to Zeus’s reveal video

I want to see Poseidon’s reveal video

Water game confirmed

Not again… :frowning:

It is never to early. I brought this up the day after Starstuck was revealed.

Check It Out If You Want

Sorry guys, I accidentally put the wrong link. Here’s the right one! :slight_smile:

Thats the wrong link again. It just goes to “Never gonna give you up.”

Yeah, you got rickroll’d, welcome to 2007

Just like how you guys are never gonna give up on getting a video for a fake photo? :slight_smile:

Hey man. I was hopefull, but yeah…
#watergameNOTconfirmed :wink:

Maybe this thread should be deleted for spamming? Nothing really productive came out of it :stuck_out_tongue:
Now its just kind of there…

Be the change you seek.

You want a useful thread? Try this: make this a learning experience. Evaluate the liklihood of a water game.

What is the probability of that happening? If you think it’s likely, support that idea.

If you think it’s unlikely, tell us why. Show the numbers.

Show how logic applies, and that @Karthik isn’t just making it up as he goes along. Designing a game and rolling it out has to follow some rules, so show how that applies here. Deduce what they are, illustrate them in practice.

With enough actual content in the thread, we’ll probalby forget that you got RickRolled.

Great, then. I’ll get it rolling:

What is the cost target for a new event partner? That is, what do they expect someone who wants to support this game to have to pay in order to put on an event?

Event Partners get a significant discount on fields and game object sets. Maybe 50%. That would be typical in business, so it’s reasonable to assume here. Still, there is some upper limit that an organization can be convinced to pay in order to support this endevor. What number does RECF use?

For a school, same question: They won’t get that discount. But what do they expect a school just starting on a VEX RC path to pay for the game? (Not for the robotics program; you can have one of those without practicing the game.)

After an organization “buys in” in year n at x dollars, what is the expected upgrade cost as a percentage of x for year n + 1?

How much time is reasonable to expect someone to invest in setup/teardown of an event?

How do the answers to these questions affect the games that will be offered?

What other questions are pertinent to the VEX RC game?

Is it RECF’s goal to sell as much product as possible at as high a profit as possible?
How do you know the answer to that?

What is the expected service life of VEX Robotics parts?

Are there any factors which the affect the longevity of any of the Robotics parts?

There will be a test.

(See. RickRolling wasn’t so bad, was it?)

+1 to that

Frack you, stupid fracking toaster…

The water game would be great because the water game would be good.