Third Party Hinges

Is it possible to use third party hinges? I saw some teams using it for intakes but couldn’t find on VEX CAD Library

possible? yes. legal? no.


what if i produce them in ABS through 3D printer? am i trying too hard?

you are only allowed to use competition legal parts on a competition robot. read the manual to see the specifics of these rules.

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That is illegal. In VRC you can’t 3d print except for non functional decorations

Maybe you were seeing teams using the VEX hinge?


If you’re using the excellent community-built library for Fusion 360 (and unless you’re already familiar with some other CAD software, you probably should be), then the hinge is at the top level of the “Motion” folder.

If you’re using some other CAD package and the hinge isn’t in your parts library, you can download a STEP file for the hinge from the link @BJC posted above and open it in whatever software you’re using.


oh dear lord i have not seen this part in my library. thanks a lot <3

read the manual



Illegal to 3d print in vrc but you can create hinges from lexan.


That would be very interesting to see

dont you be getting any ideas now ok?

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