Thoughts on what 2020 game will be?

What do you guys think next year’s game will be? Some people say water game, others say same old shooting and stacking.

Personally, I think I bet it’ll be some kind of climbing game, to fully utilize the V5 motors strength and information sensing and because Vex will probably have their V5 situation figured out.


I mean I’m not saying there’s going to be a water game but…

I’m just saying there’s going to be water game

nah but really i just hope its a better game than turning point


Wouldn’t it be cool if scoring made it harder for the other team to score?

I’ve said it before, but how about grouping together game elements in groups of 3? Two “hydrogen” and one “oxygen.” Then you score them as a unit. It would be a water game without it being wet! (Ultimate Vex meme if they actually do it!)


they tend to be similar to the game 3 years prior. I’d expect another game like starstruck, but likely harder.

But this game was kind of like Starstruck in scoring mechanics. Maybe in the terms of a separated field for each alliance. That might be cool, given there’s more diverse designs than just the massive colector claws.

I theorize that next year you will be lifting your robot up again in some way. Just like the posts in Starstruck and the Alliance lifting in NBN. It has been awhile since they did something like that.

Maybe there should be a twisting mechanism as part of the game, in a way that’s more prominent than flipping caps

I’d like there to be a game where you have to slide puck-shaped game pieces under a bar or something into different areas, and the harder to reach areas could be worth more points

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I’m really hoping that there’s no ball launching, I’ve had enough after this game.
On the other hand, it might be fun to use medicine balls (5-10 lbs) or something.
I think my favorite part of turning point is the center platform, because only one person can get it (in most circumstances), and that creates hype at the end of the match, kind of like zone bonuses in ITZ, possession of posts in SR, etc, but this game takes that to a new level, and I’d like that to be replicated next year.
It seems like in the last few years vex has been alternating between higher scoring and lower scoring games (i.e. more than 50 points per game/less than 50 points per game), so it seems like next year should be a higher scoring game.
I’d hope that vex can sort out its v5 problems by next year, and once those issues are resolved, I’d love to see v5 motor limits increase, because the drawback to v5 is less versatility.
That’s just my random thoughts, I’m actually a senior so I won’t compete next year unless I do VEXU.


Something that Id like would be one main central scoring element in the middle of the field that the robots can drive fully around, and wouldn’t be limited to scoring on their side, a bit like the velocity vortex mechanic. Something vex hasn’t done for an extremely long time. And then at the end, a climb mech would be interesting, or even cooler, the robot must lift the other like NBN before they drive onto a really tall (like an 18 inch) platform

Wait, isn’t the platform just a scoring element in the middle of the field?

No is was thinking two platforms in opposite corners, then a middle scoring mech (maybe like a tall pyramid where objects can be collected and put together then lifted onto a level of the pyramid, or shooting/dumping a ball into a designated area)

I would like something similar to FRC Power Up, in the mechanic of only being able to manipulate one scoring object at a time, and relying on quick cycle times and good driving for high scores.

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My annual vote for 10,000 ping pong balls in a net that are released when the match starts. Pick them up and do things with them to score. One gold ball per game. Field reset is done with a big shop vac with the filter removed. Bob’s your uncle.


This idea never gets old! I laugh every year!


I like the gold ball idea, seeing people fight for that would be interesting.


Something I would like to see would be a field divided into 4 sections - one for each robot. How this would be incorporated… I don’t know.

On a more serious note, I would like to see a more unique"field obstacle", like the pipes we had in Turning Point In the Zone or the little bump in (was it Round Up?)

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I’m betting you liked Gateway.


I believe you mean In The Zone and yes, another game like roundup or gateway would be interesting