Thoughts on what 2020 game will be?


I am banking on a gross collection game like NBN mixed with the central scoring apparatus like… I forget. I think 315R broke the rules to make a cap for their opponent’s container.


I really liked the sort of robot-limbo part of the field (although I didn’t know competitive robotics was a thing at the time). It just felt different compared to a lot of the games I saw videos of.

Oops. Running on 2 hours of sleep = bad


Gateway, Round Up, and all of those earlier games seem to sit in a category of their own. No expansion limit would be great, but still having the initial size limit of course.


well here’s a pattern maybe:**

lets go back as far as skyrise. ** that seems like sort of the modern era of vex games to me.

there have been 3 lifting games: skyrise, starstruck, and in the zone
there have been 2 shooting games: nbn, and turning point (arguably also a lifting game)

in skyrise the meta was a dr6b with those hook things on the back
in starstruck the meta was the claw dumper thing
in nbn the meta was a flywheel
in itz the meta was a dr4b plus mogo lift
in turning point there is no clear meta, but punchers, flywheels, and catapults are proving most effective.

no 2 games have the same meta. you could tell me what your robots main mechanism is, and I could probably tell you what game your playing. (excluding turning point)

I have analyzed thousands of pages of data, and developed a highly intelligent AI program to decipher all existing patterns to predict the nature of the next game. my machine is now printing out the results as I type this. lets see what it thinks, the papers almost done.

grabs paper

It says:

water game


Lol! You wrote all that out for a meme reference! This is why we’re friends.


do you dare defy the accuracy of the vrc game prediction machine?


I mean, can you blame us? It was evidently created by you and im not sure you can be counted as fully reliable.


Yes. Let the wrath of a water game wash over me and drown my reservations!


The real question is: is water wet?


Exactly my reference. Now we’ll never know!!! (And it’s definitely wet. Let’s not start this.)


Fire isn’t burn , so as such water isn’t wet


I disagree.
fire is most certainly burn.
water is most certainly wet.
vrc 2019-20 is most certainly water game

  1. Vex is fun
  2. Water games are fun

1+2) Vex is water game

Water Game Confirmed


How adout a game were you have to throw something that will be fun. Said every vex employee


Something I’ve noticed with the Vex games is that there is an on/off pattern in the way the games work.
ITZ was a high scoring game, where you scored as many points as you could(and you scoring points did not take away from your opponents.
Starstuck was a back and forth game, just like turning point.
NBN was a high scoring game, much like ITZ in theory, as you score as many points as you could.
Skyrise was another (kinda) back and forth game and gave you the option to de-score on your opponent.

I think we will see a high scoring game like ITZ or NBN for the next year.


Pyramids constructed similar to how Skyrise cubes were. You have to score the pyramids on your side, opposite of how Starstruck scored. The fence that divides the field from corner to corner is low like the Sack Attack trough.

Please don’t tell anyone I told you this in advance.


@Adam T Please tell me if he has just leaked next years game to us. I imagine he’s just pulling our leg.


yes please tell me. because this game actually sounds pretty fun


Leaked? Water Game? You thought no one would notice?


I would like to see some sort of hanging, climbing, or obstacle challenge.