Thoughts on what 2020 game will be?


@Adam T did you actually leak the game or are you just pulling our legs?


Leg pulled.
But if you would like to lobby for it to be an upcoming game…




This is what you are gonna get:


this has started to turn into a meme thread, so, in an effort to put it back on track, I just want to say that I’d like to see a game where normal drive bases aren’t practical.


Don’t leak the ending.
Surprise ruined :confused:


I’d still sign it though. Just share the link on the forum to help get the first 150 signatures.


we do that this year to do what we call a double park


Did you think this wasn’t going to be a water-game-spam?

To this point, I guess I’ll try to bring it back on topic, probably to no avail.

Wouldn’t another game with massive pieces be cool?


@Got a Screw Loose are you talking about a game like Toss Up? in which case that would be great.


Yeah? It might’ve been. Throw in some elements from Sack Attack and you’ve got a quality game.


I think it would be cool to have a “hot potato” type of game. Each team is issued a sensor that turns off the brain after a few seconds of possession of a potato shaped object. Objective: survive.


That would be an awesome challenge to do at competition’s like the skills.


what about a game where you use the game elements to prevent the other team from scoring? I’m envisioning like building walls (using things like itz cones but heavier so harder to knock over) around the opponent’s scoring zone and then trying to score in your own zone?


I actually talked to Mr. Crane, the Director of Global Competition and Strategic Initiatives, about next year’s game… So I got a hint as to what it will be like :wink:


I would love an easy but time consuming end game that gives you a ton of points this would make it so that beginner teams can score points but at worlds and for elims the other game paces would be necessary to win.


Care to share?
<20 character minimum>


Me personally, I would like to see a game where scoring things makes it harder for the opposing team to score a different object.


I want to see a vertical climbing game up a fence like the one from starstruck. First robot to get to the top and push a button wins.



I’m guessing you would be interested in playing Round up?