Thoughts on what 2020 game will be?


I believe this is only the second shooting game if you don’t count vex iq.


Wait, you guys mean you didn’t catapult the cones onto the stacks last year?


How about a game where teams compete to manufacture V5 components and fulfill orders.

It will be called “Vex Robotics Competition: Ships in 8 Weeks.”


All I am saying is that I am putting my gopro in its waterproof case…


will it be a zero sum game meaning as you score you dont take away points from other team…


is this a hint to something? LOL


Like in the zone and NBN


You have that backwards. A zero sum game refers to a game like Starstruck or Turning Point, where you can’t gain points without taking them away from your opponent.


I would like a game similar to disk golf. Maybe throw in some gateway elements like the negator and doubler. Disk golf would be fun just to see what innovative designs vex gets.


Fairly sure that was already done as a VEX IQ game, I don’t think VEX is gonna recycle ideas.


or Maybe VEX: competition design our next system! Then we might get a reliable system for the first time in years lol


This would be really interesting, albeit probably not viable. The hexbugs would get heavily damaged. But…what if they were bigger than the robots? They would crawl around the field randomly, and they’d push your robot if you got in front of them. Maybe you could push them too, try to redirect them to interfere with the opponent. And maybe they’d hold goals on top of them, so that you could risk getting closer to them to score more. Disclaimer: none of this is actually going to happen in the near future, but maybe in a long time.


People say that VRC games are similar to the game three years prior, and I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, I’d like to see a variant of Starstruck where you build your own scoring zones to put game elements (maybe a variety of shapes) in, and points scored in them are multiplied based on height, weight of pieces, area, etc. (Maybe even the shape that the scoring zone is built in?)



I would love that!


Recently a teammate (who is a senior) said that he would really like to see a fort-building game, where you have to build a fort with blocks/other debris in the field, and then also destroy the fort. However, something that he mentioned (that I would REALLY like to see as well) is objectives limited by time - basically during some time period ‘x’ you can only do this, and during another time period ‘y’, you can only do this. What you can do it time period ‘x’, you can’t do in time period ‘y’… and so on.
I mean, anything new/unique would be really welcome for a lot of us, I suppose.


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I’m sure many people can agree to this we like and vex like games with the “last scoring object” like this year there were platforms and the parking in in the zone there was parking in the square. Every year there was something there was hanging on posts and parking on top of another robot.
I think there will be another game changing object, i’m hoping for a rough terrain ramp.


The time periods are a bit much. However, I do like the fort building-part idea!