Thoughts on what 2020 game will be?


gold ball like quidditch… interesting


I wonder if a sort of “protect the castle” kind of thing could be used? Like, use some VEX parts to build a tower or dome or something on either side of the field, and give the teams a limited number of objects to shoot at them. A part knocked off (meaning the part touches the ground and isn’t part of the base) of a tower would give points to the other team, and there could be other things like targets and/or hanging bars for bonus points. No idea how this would work practically, but it’d be fun to make robots that shoot like tanks.


Do you think they’ll increase the motor limit next year to encourage V5 discourage cortex?


I hope not. You see better engineering with limited resources. Although bumping it up to 9 or 10 would be nice, they wouldn’t do that until after Cortex is dead.
For next year, it’ll probably be the same because of the rollout catastrophes. Which, unfortunately, still seem to be occurring.


I guess we will find out in April when the new rules come out.


My team has had many discussions on this and concluded that because of its power you can do more with less which makes it more of a challenge.


seeing as I’ll be on cortex for the beginnings of next season I hope not…



As a V5 user, I will admit to my bias, I hope they at least bump the motor limit to 10. If they want to even the field, let those who are still using cortex use 14-16 motors instead.


Will you admit that this will never happen until cortex is phased out?


@Gameoa I would highly doubt that it would happen until the cortex is gone.


Good enough


You just never know with Vex, it might take 8 weeks, it might take 8 years. Who knows whats going to happen?


What’s wrong with Turning Point? Personally, I think it is one of the best that vex has produced.


@224x it should be spelled “immense” :slight_smile:


We’ll, now im just sad and disappointed in whoever created this


You listened to my Idea!!!


I have to agree with this but I think that it was a bad year to release V5 because it is almost a battle of who has V5. an example of this is that there is a team that because they have V5 the can literally shatter a flag.


Yeah. If they had released this game last year and last year’s game this year, it would be fairer. The issue being the mogos. However, the stacking element would be more driver than anything, as the caps were light.


i mean it’s mostly opinion. I don’t like the fact that it’s a swing game and also ANOTHER shooting game. I also feel as though they made posting caps really un-viable which is half of the game anyways so not my favorite game anyways