Tiller Motor Overheating

Hello All,

We have an overheat issue with our tiller motor. It’s geared 1:7 @ 100RPM Motor. 3 stage flip tray

When we attempt to score 7 cubes after 2 or 3
the motor overheats and doesn’t move.

image image

Any help would be greatly appreciated as we have a competition this Saturday

first check to see if there is any significant friction in the mechanism, because that will kill it. then, try adding some rubber bands to assist the tilter in its struggles.

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Can’t really see any snags in the system, it’s got 6 bands and we’ve swapped the motor

if you really think the torque of your tilter is the only issue, you can always use a compound ratio to get more torque.

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Well our sister team is using a 200 RPM motor and theirs works fine with no bands

then there must be some issue somewhere else. a compound ratio may still be your best bet, but if you rebuilt and compacted your tilter that could be good also. here is a picture of our tilter:
Don’t use standoffs for the arm like we did, I’ve been told that they lack the structural integrity to be trusted here, but we have no issues whatsoever with our tilter.

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Given the insane torque(14.7Nm!) of your 100 RPM 1:7 setup, I doubt that the problem is from friction or the weight of the tray.
Your code could be causing the tilter arm to push against the drive axle or a piece of metal when the tray is tilted back, stalling the motor and causing it to overheat.

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Check out this thread. It is very helpful and has some good info that I think could be of use.

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Here’s an example of a compound tilter that (I think) is good

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Were the C channels on your tray steel or Aluminum

Update: we increased the leverage on our tiller and it works well, that’s for the help everyone

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That is a good example. What does the gear assembly and rope that go around the left side of the robot work? It looks like the 84t is tied to a c-channel with an axle?