Hey, we are trying to get ready for state and our robot can stack 6 blocks, but we don’t think that that’s gonna cut it for state. Do you guys think you could help me lift more with our tilt and keep it in the 18?

First off, we would need pictures. What part of the 18" are you having issues with? Length, height, width?

We cant really help without pictures, but use a screw joint to have your tray fold down:

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you can use a sliding extention on top of your pan stacker that is run by a motor.

we are having issues with the width part of the 18" and if you have any way to make our tilt do 7 because it used to do that easily but now it struggles

Most of them do not use a motor and can increase the capacity by up to 2-3 cubes

So your tilter is struggling to push forward more then 7 cubes? This seems like an issue with the tilter geometry, gear ratio, and/or the motor cartridge. It would help to see a picture of the tilter so we can help. I know that lots of teams us a 1:7 torque gear ratio, with either a 100 RPM or 200 RPM motor cartridge. As to how to work the geometry of the tilter check out this thread. Fixing the geometry or gear ratio should not affect the robot width wise and push it further out of the 18" limit.