Tower Takeover Board Game

Along the same lines as @Connor ‘s virtual game (VEX Tower Takeover on ROBLOX Project), I thought to make Tower Takeover as a board game. I put together a board – fun fact, standard 12mm dice are perfectly to scale at 1" = 1’-0". My students hashed out some rough rules as they played. We also talked about making custom robot builds. I put a rule sheet together based on that discussion.

Here is a pic of the team trying it out:

8756_TT_BoardGame-rules.pdf (122.4 KB)

Game board (odd page size matches a banner size option at office depot):
8756_TT_BoardGame-board.pdf (2.1 MB)

The board in the picture has the towers elevated to scale, but I would recommend just mounting the board on foam core and gluing the tower pieces directly to the floor. The towers are hard to reach around.

If you do play this, we’d be happy to hear other rule ideas and observations about strategies.

[edit: replaced rule document to fix a typo]


This could be good for strategizing


This is actually amazing for visually understanding autonomous runs, programming skills runs, driver skills, etc. Great job man!

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Thanks, I think it will be a useful tool for my team.

We did something very similar to this (same size and everything! :smiley:) We didn’t make actual towers, only their areas, so props to you guys! Looks awesome!

I recommended to the RECF to have an online challenge to design a board game for each game … the winner’s design would be distributed to all attendees of Worlds…


That would be a great replacement to the Game Animation Challenge…
…Though, I really want them to bring it back.