Tower takeover predictions?

Anyone bold enough to predict the meta of this year’s game? I think that the main strategy will be to score as many cubes into the goals as possible, then fight over towers in the last 30 seconds for point multipliers.


skyrise 2.0


Nailed it. -----------

My bet is for sure on RD4Bs because of how light and reliable they are compared to scissor and cascade lifts. There might be reverse stackers too.


Hoarding cubes in the beginning into the protected zone.


Possibly steel base, aluminum rd4b/rollers/etc…

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Skyrise for normal bots. And of course there shall be at least one wall/cage bot.

What do you mean by wall bots and cage bots?

VEXU is gonna be crazy with unlimited motors.


“ok first match over next match will start after set up” 10 hours later “Okay we are almost done!”


Too early to be able to say. I think you’re going to see some teams hoarding cubes by placing them into their scoring zones so the other teams can’t grab them and then utilizing them to the best of their ability.

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From my understanding the protected zone does not prevent the opposing side from taking cubes there so long they aren’t scored or placed. Unless you can hoard a significant number of cubes in the goal zone (at which point, just stack them…), I don’t think hoarding will be an issue.


The rules do have something about that. Go to game manual and per SG3 part C and D you can’t. You do have the point that if teams are putting cubes in there it would probably be just as fast, though.

Yeah, you’re right. The game manual says that you can’t contact a robot in the protected zone; it doesn’t say that you can’t touch cubes in the protected zone. The inner protected zone has different rules, but that’s only the size of one field tile.

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6 points for an autonomous bonus seems really low. I predict a high scoring game with some teams reaching the 50-75 point region consistently by February. Maybe higher.

With that said, the autonomous bonus will be less about points and more about those two extra purple cubes.


Internal stack one bar with hording capabilities

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The game is going to have a lot of mind gaming. There will definitely be teams that crush 50 or 60 to almost nothing just because if you stop worrying about the towers for two seconds, the opposing alliance swaps out some cubes in towers, and you just lost a ton of points. This game is going to drive to the end because the scoring is so complex. I am almost excited for this game.


I think this game is open to a ton of different styles, so there will be a lot of different bots. There will be some convergence around different metas, but I think less than maybe some other years. The meats will shift toward the designs that dominate at competition - but I think that there is more than one very good possible design and the convergence will mostly depend on which teams make impressive bots early on and get copied - rather than one naturally superior design.

The best alliances will not be 2 of the same bots.


Tbh honest I have a design that I came up with right after the reveal that would be completely op if it were to be executed well. It basically makes a wall across the field which is supported by the central row of towers, trapping itself on the side with the opponents. It then dumps cubes over its own wall so the other team can’t score any points. Also, six motor 240 rpm drive.

There are going to be some mad wallbots this season. Just be ready for haters if you’re primarily a defensive bot.