Tower Takeover Robot motor usage

4m direct mecanum base
1m 1:7 100rpm tilter
1m 1:7 100rpm geared lift
2m direct 100rpm intake

6 motor 250 rpm drive
1 motor 20 rpm lift
1 motor 150 rpm claw

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6 motor drive?!?!?
What calls for 6 motor drive?



Well yeah, but even with 4 motors you can do defence very well

But not as stronk as 6

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It just seems like you could use those 2 motors on other parts of the robot that need them more. Though it would make sense if you had like a detachable wallbot with h drive

2 motor tank drive 2 dr6b 2 intake 2 secret wallbot project

gotta have that 6m 300 RPM drive. an 8m pushbot would honestly be decent at tower takeover, defense is so op.

I use 4m drive, 2m intake, 1m tilter, 1m lift, pretty standard stuff.

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4 motor drive, 2 motor tilter, 2 motor arm, 2 motor intake

I see many people using Holonomic drive. I opt for mecanum here. You can make it run the same way as x drive, going in all directions. You get more force if you go forwards making shoving easier, and you can’t get shoved from the side like omni. The wheels are a little wider but x drive needs to go at 45 degrees.

It’s a lot because I currently just don’t have a lot of time for vex and six motor drive is a simple but good use of motors

is that cortex or v5? I assume cortex w 10 motors. If so, you might want to go with a 6m drive geared up bc those motors are slow.

V5 20 characters. 20

M O T O R S H A R I N G.

20 char

6 motor drive 2 motor tilter 2 motor arm all sharing 6 motors and a 2motor intake

R u gonna do a reveal?

We haven’t done a reveal before but we plan to this year, though I’m not sure when.

when you say motor sharing do you mean this Differential transmission - power takeoff from the drivetrain motors? We attempted to use it with a RD6B, but we gave up.
4 wheel drive, 2 RD6B, 1 claw, and 1 unknown

Yes we are using differential transmissions to motor share. Although you could use a differential transmission for a dr6b, it would not be as stable. On our robot we only are using the differentials to power simple things.