Using pneumatics while field control is disabled

At my state championship today, we found that we could toggle the state of the solenoids while field control was disabled. It was my assumption that vexos would automatically ignore all controller inputs while field control was disabled, but we found that this was not the case. We were able to press buttons on the controller and open our pneumatic clamps. One of the head refs told us that pneumatics were able to be used during the disabled state, but we were later told to put our controller on the ground during auton and disabled states due to <R27> and <G10> concerns. Later, a RECF representative approached us out of curiosity to try to figure out why we were able to do this, but we were unable to provide them a good answer because this behavior is completely unintended and we are unsure of the cause. We program in vexcode pro and I was not able to find any major issues which might cause this. Has this happened to anyone else and is there a way to fix it?


this is just how vexOS behaves with regards to the 3 wire ports.

if you wanted, you could disable the control yourself by making the buttons you press not do anything during the pre-auton function, and only during driver.

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Shouldn’t controller input be ignored though?


not sure about that, I’ve actually never tried operating my pneumatics under disabled state.
that post was from way back in 2018 too, vexos has changed considerably since then.


Yeah, I know that you can still operate 3-wire ports while disabled, but it doesn’t make any sense to me why they would change it so that you could send controller data while disabled. This could probably be exploited to gain an unfair advantage.

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I seem to recall @jpearman explained this situation a while back.

James, any insight to this situation?

Controller should be disabled. Guess I need to check.


I also noticed this. I have a bad habit of fiddling with controller buttons while waiting for them to start driver (need to start putting my controller down even when they aren’t requiring it to avoid looking like I’m controlling anything), and noticed that my pneumatic cylinders would fire.

I know you can set the positions of the pneumatic cylinders in preauton to specific locations.
I do that sometimes, typically so preloads dont come off

are you programming using VEXcode or PROS ?

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Here you go