V5 Addressable LEDs

Yes, these lights seem to do that. I do not know why.


So I haven’t gotten the LED strips and tried this out, but I’m just wondering you can change the brightness right? They seem awfully bright, just wondering if you can control that in some way

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Some of my teams are trying to implement this and they have run to the problem of needing to find the pinout diagram of the analog ports of the v5 brain. Any advice on where to find such diagram would be appreciated. Thanks!

I will hopefully be putting out some documentation answering all of these questions within the next few days.


Took longer than I wanted but I finally got it done.


Nice and I like all the helper functions you added to cover most of the popular things that roboteers will want to do.


Do you know if there are any “hacks” to do this with Python? Is there anyway to have low-level control of the brain via python or accessing C++ code in python directly?

if you’re asking this question just use c++ lmao


There are no hacks or ways to use C++ code in Python on the V5.
I’ll add an API to Python eventually, but it’s not really a priority for us.


Are there any other benefits for using C++ vs. Python when it comes to this competition? I’m perfectly fine with using C++ but I’ve already sunk a considerable amount of time Python and I’ll be a pain to refactor. ik there’s a considerable speed and memory boost from using C++, does that make an impact on the performance of the robot during a match?

Thanks for the help, this is my team’s first year

Not really, when it comes to VRC bot programming quite literally anything can get the job done, but using C++ is gonna give you a much greater learning opportunity than Python scripting will.


C++ gives very little benefit over using Python for the majority of robot code. We will eventually support the addressable LED in Python, it’s just not a priority as the addressable LED is not something the majority of customers would ever use due to the requirement to make cables, add logic level shifting etc.


ok but consider the following - addrleds are AWESOME


im new to coding with pros and I have the less soldered and everything I just can’t figure out the coding, if someone could help me out that would be great, Thanks

@Sylvie is the person to get to, I’ve invoked, lets see if they show up.

haiiii :3 yes i’d be happy to help, feel free to ask me a question in the software channel of the vtow discord server VEX Robotics Competition



I would like to make a clarification here because a couple of people have run into issues here. Since I posted this link, it seems to have been updated to a different version of these lights.

You are going to want this kind of strip.

These are the 144 LED/3.2ft variety. The V5 Brain will only support 64 LEDs on a single strip, so you will need to trim and solder them yourself. You can make multiple smaller strips out of one larger one and drive them separately.


We just use a strip of ligjts connected to a piwer bank we cant controll it from the brain but its a good option for people who dont want to solder or code them

Do you think my issue with the LED strips I talked to you about a couple months ago was because I bought the 60 LED version?

in all likelihood yes :3