V5 Brian won't reset

V5 Brain when turned on flashes this message for less than a second…" The power chip firmware requires an update. The screen will go blank during the update. Proceed?" The screen changes too quickly to press ok and goes blank with except for a button that says “press button” . Nothing happens when you press this button and by attaching to the controller you can get to the reset screen in settings but it will not reset. Any ideas anyone??


Did this start happening after a vexos update ?
How old is the brain ?

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Having the same problem, after an update. Firmware screen flashes , then a program named V. starts running with the Press Button option that does not work. I can get the program to STOP running by pressing Stop in the V5 IOS but it will not exit the program screen to access any other settings.

Had this brain ever been used before ? or was this a new brain ?

The V1.0.0.1 program sounds very much like factory test code (which auto runs when the brain is powered on). We had a few V5 brains that shipped to customers with this still installed by mistake. The factory test code may not be allowing the vexos update to complete, but you should have seen that run when the brain was powered on before the update.

There’s an example of what factory test looks like in the first post of this topic

If that’s what you are seeing, you should contact vex support and have them replace it.

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Has anyone seen this error again? Or found a solution?

call vex support, they will give you a link to a web site that will reset the brain and remove any production test code.


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