V5 controller mod

would putting 3d printed modifications on a v5 controller be against competition rules?

No. Many teams at worlds did this, usually using the scuff controller add-on (that’s what I think it was called).



thanks found it at https://challenges.robotevents.com/challenge/94/entry/6044

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Here are the parts of that scuff controller at STLs for easy printing:


Check to see if there is a current Q&A for this on the Official Q&A for this season as past Q&A do not carry to future seasons. This clarification was made in the final version to Game Manual.

If you want to be sure something is “Competition Legal” and it is not in the Game Manual, check the Official Q&A and if not there ask on the Official Q&A to get a determination for this season.


What is the scuff controller for

I believe that if it does not give u any advantage it should be fine

It lets you use paddles on the back of the controller to press (technically depress) some of the harder to reach face buttons. It essentially lets you more easily control a robot with complicated controls.

Is such a layout easy to get used to?

everything with vex is hard to get used too, its the same as selling your compact car to buy a full size truck. it all just takes time to get used too.

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