V5 render release thoughts

https://youtu.be/KXLvljqde0M in this video discussing LiFe batteries, they say they need to be “broken in” by repeated charge and discharge, will vex do that before shipping them out?

@Paul Copioli Is this new system going to be mandatory for all teams by next year? Or will there be a phase in which teams are allowed to use both systems, and then somewhere along the line discontinuing what we have currently?

The latter.

Anyone else notice 2x2x2 c channel?

I did, just didn’t find it all that interesting, I don’t see it as something I’d use, at least not very often.

I’m looking closely at my screen, and it seems to be 2 overlapping angles. However, If it is 2x2 c-channel, I probably won’t buy it. The 2x1 is plenty strong and is smaller.

no way vex would make a kit like that. That’s a ridiculous amount of friction.

True. Still a unneeded product. #Reallinearslidesplease

Really don’t like where the joysticks are on the new controller. I prefer a controller like the ones we have now, or something close to an Xbox controller

I agree

@Paul Copioli what can we except as far as trade-in program?


Vex seems to have outdone themselves in vex v5, especially with the pricing.

So Vex is pay to win now? Well actually its always been like that, but it seems like even if vex allows for a period of v4 and v5 compatibility, the v5 teams will obviously have the upper hand.

If you look at the website again, it was corrected to “Starter Kits starting at $549.99” in which is only $10 more than the current Duel Control Starter Kit: https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2700.html. It’s not that big of a difference, especially when they said they will be offering discounts as well if you trade your electronics in.

I was referring to the parts they put out that offer an advantage but also come with a cost, such as this new vision sensor. But vex is still doable without an advantage.

I wonder if the remote will have a way to see if you trip a ptc in match. That would be really useful.

This is a ridiculous comment. Naturally, having less money than ideal will have drawbacks, to a point, in robotics. There is nothing VEX can do about that, without making robots stupidly simple and limited. If you can’t afford enough parts to build a full robot, that is going to hurt you.

It is unfortunate that this will have a greater effect during the transition period, but the transition is necessary. The current system is far outdated, as users have rightfully complained for a while. How else would you like this to be handled by VEX?

I see your point, I would like more powerful and modern parts from vex. But vex does price high just because they know student teams have to buy vex certified parts in some cases that you may be able to find cheaper from a different source.

I was under the impression that the new system would have backwards compatibility (?)
Like @Aponthis just said - vex is trying to deliver a great product here while still making it available to teams with less resources and also not such a major disadvantage to those who don’t get V5
Very impressed with the initial images and cant wait to see it this coming year