Vex 2020-2021 Competition(unofficial)

Any ideas for the next competition?
Some of my friends and I think it might have to do with making a robot that can climb stairs or steep hills


I advise you to change this thread title to something less official. When the new game comes out, it might be confused with the actual game thread. As for ideas, I totally see a climbing element to the game, especially considering the lack of one this season. I think it would be fun to do a game with a center barrier, game elements on one side, scoring method on the other. Each alliance gets a robot on each side of the barrier. I am hoping we get more driver interaction with preloads. This season has been a nice balance with that.


And so it begins…


Anything that means no wallbots


No no, we wall. NBN and SS combined, there’s a net at the back of each field and a solid fence, u shoot the balls and whichever side has more wins


Bruh wallbots are awesome! I know they seem unbalanced but they’re so hard to build that most teams stay away. (W)allbots are also open to much more rigorous defense. I’m t(a)lkin snap them C-channels defense.

I really wan(t) a gam(e) that has room for DR4Bs. I feel like its been a while since they’ve ®eally been the uncontested meta.

Although I would appreciate another shooting (g)ame. I re(a)lly love building flywheels. (M)aybe another sack attack or gat(e)way styled game?


Yeah, something like 2020-21 game speculation would probably be better.
I’m hoping for a game like starstruck with 2 separates sides so we can focus on offense again… idk just my thoughts.


It’ll be a shooting game.


They’re cool and though to build, it they are incredibly annoying

Furthermore, the rulebook blatantly says that wallbots are legal. A wallbot design is just as much within the rules and the spirit of the game as a complex tray.
Therefore, saying that wallbots should be banned because they’re annoying is like me saying that robots that can reach the towers should be banned because they’re superior scoring capability causes me to lose.
Wallbots are not a hacky and op design. The issue is that not as many people undertake the challenge to build one. A wallbot that works deserves any victory it gets because of the amount of time it takes to build one as apposed to a normal “meta” design.
If I had to recommend a fix for you annoyance, it would be to counter the wallbot strategy instead of nuking them.


I just want a game that won’t have as defined a meta as this one


I agree, but this season has been interesting because everyone is still innovating on the same design late season because of the design convergence and needing a physical 1-Up. Which gives us cube locks and other cool things. But yeah, some more variance would be nice.


Shooting frisbees would be nice (already done in FRC). Also, having an endgame balancing thingy like crossover would also be fun to watch (very high intensity to balance at the end). Also, heavy or pretty large objects could be fun (to test the mechanical prowess that V5 has over the previous motors).


Also, hanging from a rope would be fun, but hard to do.

Also, just pointing out that the GDC decides games 4 years in advance.


you have to climb a hill to put balls in a bucket the take that bucket and hang it. Then of course there is a hang element. That would be cool.

Ah, so only 4 years left…

:ocean: :video_game:



:ocean: = water
:video_game: = game


Maybe something really physical with a lot of pushing around like a center area to park on or something.

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