Vex 2020-2021 Competition(unofficial)

Instead of doing a arm you’d just do something that has a passive intake for single golf balls, like in tp where they just did 2 bars

Or do a 2m drive and have a full mech for it

A mechanism would be nice. Running into something releases something else, like tipping a container your way so that you can get to the contents, and your opponents cannot.

Platform or ramp:

  • Bots have to drive up a ramp to do something that possibly could be done without driving up the ramp if they had a lift.
  • A platform that is very tall and one bot can be the ramp or lift for another bot like in NBN.
  • A short barrier across the center of the field with three short see-saws you had to drive up and over to cross to the opposing side, like a certain FRC castle game.

Reach: Robots have to reach underneath something to get an object. like underneath a 6" high platform. Requires a neat additional mechanism without affecting the game significantly.

Objects: Pucks, sticks/pipes, chain/rope, multi-color dice (sides are colored orange green and purple), cylindrical bipyrimid… 4-D hypercubes?

Parking: up a ramp, on a game piece, on a hilariously small platform, hanging on the wall and not touching the ground.

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Yes, I’m just really bad at building lifts. Everything else is fine, just no lifts. Like complex gearing and ratchet systems or something.

I feel having robots have to park on the see-saws would be pretty fun if they were large enough.

get good

Copy them until you can build them from scratch.


As far as i’m concerned, as long as we get something that has quite a few ways to score (like turning point) and there is a lot of diversity in robots, i’ll be a very happy camper. something that could have flipping, stacking, launching, climbing, lifting (the robot off the floor), pushing, king of the hill, placing, etc., etc…

Who would rather have a game with one or two elements and who would rather have a game with 3 - 5 elements and who would like a game with 5+ elements. I’d love to hear your reasoning!

  • 1 - 2 elements
  • 3 - 4 elements
  • 5+ elements

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Something that requires you to build multi-purpose subsystems, because of the amount of tasks there are. Maybe instead of one really difficult task that you focus on for the entire match, it could be split up into 3-5 types of game objects and scoring. Maybe some could be linked together, but it would be mostly separate tasks that would force you to balance your strategy. The scoring could be multiplied in some way so that teams get rewarded for completing all tasks rather than focusing on one. Also, I would like some kind of way for the field to not be set up the same every time, kind of like the bonus tray from ringmaster.


That would be cool. Almost like how FTC has some pieces switched around at the beginning of each round.

so vex make you have 20 characters but this is what everyone really wants…


  • Incline Theme
  • Terrain Theme

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A competition that has to do with making your own terrain would be cool. Or a incline theme.

Maybe a game where the terrain changes, such as when bots drive up a ramp, the ramp could flip or something like that, or a robot could grab a crank or something and raise something like a bucket. I would like to see some task oriented matches.
(although this sounds more like FTC or FRC now)


What about some sort of capture the flag with like 7 flags for each team. Maybe if you put the flag in a tower, it’s worth 2 pts.

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Out of interest, do you know whether the GDC actually looks at threads like these?


I dont really like this idea as it makes heavy defense viable, im not saying that defence is bad, but in a capture the flag type of game, it would seem out of place. A possible way to remedy this is if there was something in the middle of the feild (like a stacking element or something similar) that would gain one team points so both team would have to engage in the center instead of just defending there flags

Clever solution, that would be much better.

With the introduction of the new anti static tiles, it’s been pointed out that fields next year will have no colored tiles. This implies a similar system of placing robots on the field this year. So long as the robot is touching the wall, it’s good to go. No need to place the robot on a specified position/tile. It’s very likely next year would have the same thing. There is a slight chance however next year may specify placing robots within a certain predefined area using tape as the boundaries. I find it very interesting to start autons in the middle of the field as opposed to the wall. Also can instantly rule out any parking bonus.

Another interesting idea is instead of dividing the field into two rectangles (the auton line that we have this year), what if the field was cut in half diagonally? Idk what that changes tho.

If you look at past games, there is usually either an element of stacking (cones or cubes or pegs) or a projectile element (squishy balls or hard plastic yellow bois). Then there’s star struck… ig u can classify it as projectiles. All I hope for next year is for vex to shake up the model. Find an alternative to stacking or shooting dammit


I think it would be a cool idea to remove the auton line, and see what teams do with that.
I would love to see some self correcting autons!

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The reason they added the auton line was because teams that didn’t put effort into auton would just have their bot drive in a streight line and they would aim it to disrupt opposing autons


For the 8000 teams, anyway.