Vex 2020-2021 Competition(unofficial)

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. drone. vex. maybeeee not.


We need a actual water game that makes some sense. A container on the side of the field that is filled with water up till a certain point. It has some object that is placed inside that has to be taken toyour own teams water container. You get penalty points if you spill any water and you have to make you claw so that it displaces the water to the correct amount. On top of that your claw has to use regular v5 parts meaning you won’t put any electronics inside the water. Of course this will only but one scoring element, but it would amazing to see this part at least.

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If you use only aluminum and use only 4 motors, it could work, but i’m not a true engineer.

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The main problem with doing a water game is keeping the water contained. And the field would have to be water proof(no foam mats like this competitions field) and they would have to make the water drain-able so overtime water wont spill over the walls. They would literally have to make a giant fish tank.


The drone idea would be fun but Vex would have to make lightweight motors, brain, and sensors.

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Let’s not start this again please.


It is possible on paper but not in real-life situations

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The motors would have to be extremely light weight and be able to spin fast. Not only that but V5 pieces are expensive so if a bot falls and the brain breaks that is about $500 down the drain.

But it would be really cool if Vex got it to work.

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This is a video of a vex dron

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  2. like Nerdom said, please no vex drone. Others might disagree, but i think this topic has been talked to death already.

That is true. But then again, Vex literally just released new field tiles. Did they secretly make them waterproof?


what if there was a thing where you shoot balls and try to put it in a cylinder, then carry the cylinder to a post then hang?

Like skyrise style but shooter

well i know that they are applesauce proof


Well vex goes in order, stacking, lifting, shooting. So last years was shooting and this years was stacking then next year will most likely be focused on some type of lift.

well turning point was a mix between shooting and lifting

And the amazing platforms


But most VEX games have been very creative and amazing so I would imagine an awesome game and they have been doing that all the time.


That sounds like you will lift things with weight

Water has weight

DRow for GDC stickers have weight

You already lifted weight in previous games

You have to lift more weight

Lifting water and DRow for GDC stickers?


I doubt they will have anything to do with water considering it is electronics. The cortex and brains are not waterproof so water is out of the picture.


are you sure? I’m pretty sure there was a video released of a waterlogged cortex operating completely fine. Maybe it’s a return to cortex? :wink: