V5 drone

Hi all
I was wondering, with the new V5 system can you make drones now?
I made one with the cortex a few years ago in middle school and it flew about 30 seconds.
I was wondering if anyone made one out of V5.
thank you
James Chase 7422C


Can you share a video or pics of the drone?


im sorry I cant
At the time it was built I didnt think about documentation
I rember thinking it was amazeing for a few minites then discovering that I have to replace the battery every 30 seconds made me hate it

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Theoretically, you could. The V5 motors are stronger and have better energy consumption. I would recommend that you use the high speed cartridges on the motors combined with whatever frame the original drone used (with perhaps some modifications to put the battery at the bottom to lower the center of weight). But good luck! That’s a great idea and I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


I’m trying this now


Good luck. DM me with the results please. Also, what do you use for the blades?

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DM me too :slight_smile: Or just post it on here .

I would use Lexan. Proboably not going to do this for at least another 2 months or so.

as soon as my v5 arrives I need to try this…

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Imagine using c channels lol.

WIDE c-channel.15%20AM

base plates


Base plates are very useful. For example, screwing them to the back of your bot so that you don’t tip over while fully extended.

Haven’t seen another team other than ourselves use them in a competition ever lol

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No, we should use… wait for it…



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of course, so our drone can strafe.


No, while flying it is called trimming :slight_smile:


Also if this works, would it be competition legal?

If yes, and if there was no expansion zone:

Autonomous in 3,2,1 team 7517j has just flown into the 3 flags, and they go for the center 3, ohhhhh now they get both caps, and a park to finish it off!

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You would have to attach a mini puncher though. And a vacuum intake.