VEX AI- no hybrid U/HS teams

This morning mentors received an email from RECF about how to register teams for VEX AI. University teams will be allowed to register immediately, but HS teams must fill out an application. My students had been hoping to compete as a hybrid U/HS team. When I saw the email, I realized that registering a hybrid team was impossible, so I sent an email asking if they will be allowed. Jim Crane answered my email very quickly, letting me know that hybrid teams will not be allowed. I know that some others on the forum had been hoping/planning on doing the same thing, so I thought I would let everyone know.


This makes no sense. AIG8 only mentions eligibility for individual students; what rule are they even pulling from to disallow HS and College students from working with each other?


Wow this is unfortunate. I wonder why they decided this? Will the competitions also be separate? I feel like VEX AI would be a great way for HS students to learn more advanced coding by working with college students. And I know there are some great HS coders but I don’t know if there are enough to make a separate VEX AI HS division. If it is one combined competition then the HS teams will probably be at a disadvantage. Especially since they will probably also want to do the normal competition and 3 robots is a lot to build. At least VEXU can reuse their robots for both.


Wow, that’s ridiculous! It is definitely something I had been interested in, a hybrid team, and it would be a fantastic way for University students to work side-by-side hands-on with advanced HS students. Add in the points that @roboticblackbelt made about the competitions issue and @sazrocks made about the rules and that just leaves me shaking my head.


There are still many questions regarding the operation and execution of VAIC/VEX AI. Because of the large number of variables still left to consider(Team count for both HS and U, Concentration of said teams) from the RECF’s perspective regarding the VAIC/VEX AI competition. I know this is not the best thing to hear, but sadly it will take time for these questions to be answered. I have been in communication with our RSM about questions regarding the competition and unfortunately things are still very much in the air.


I hope that’s true - a “we’re not yet sure” would have been a much better response than “hybrid teams will not be allowed”. If that IS something that is still being decided, I hope they reach out to the Forum community to get input as well.


I personally expect for there to be many revisions and rule changes regarding VAIC as it is still in the early pilot phase of it’s release. Something that everyone should realize is that there will probably be complications with the program throughout this entire season. It will not run smoothly, it will have errors, and it will be very frustrating. We are in uncharted territory. If I do gain information(that is not confidential of course) I would be glad to share it with the broader community regarding VAIC.


I feel like this is because it isn’t the best plan to have highschoolers on college teams cuz then they’ll go to the college teams parties : /


I assure you this isn’t a concern


I assure you this is one of the RECF’s primary concerns, its why they where hesitant on even letting high school go to the same comps as vexU

ah, yes, those well known VEX U ragers
So legendary, so real


If he meant that teams need to have two separate team numbers to play in VRC/HS and VAIC that would be ok.

But if he meant that same group of students and their robot cannot participate concurrently in two different programs, that would be very disappointing.

The only way we were considering doing VAIC was if a team could dual use VRC/HS 18" robot for both programs.

Edit: Sorry, I was quick to misinterpret the OP.

However, in VAIC Appendix D I didn’t see any team composition or eligibility restrictions except this:



I was under the impression that this was talking about not letting HS and College kids on the same VAIC team, not competing in different programs.


I was referring to having HS and U students on the same team


Hybrid teams of college and high school students do cause many issues including adult/minor interactions. If you have serious issues with the VEXAI format, focus on normal High School competition and wait a year. It will take time for VEXAI to work out the rough edges.


Well… at least you guys can submit your applications.
I couldn’t even submit mine - the system insisted that I put in a region for Singapore, and at the same time the State/Province is greyed out for me. lol…


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