Vex climbing Ideas

Any ideas for a climbing robot which also has a catapult as well and how strong are the red motors like could they hold up ten pounds or more of just metal.

My team is trying to imitate the Ri3D endgame system, this includes a lift bar capable to support until 10 kg aprox. with red torque teorically.

We only did some physics equations using the large of the bars and torque. This is Fm = Ď„ / r, you can find more about it on the internet.

My time is trying to do so too, except we can’t seem to get our lifting lock working, does anyone have a CAD?

You can try to use Vex Pneumatics Kit that doesn’t depends on the power at the end of the match, for the other hand you can use motors changing the elevation gears for ratchets.

Hi, on the VEX Forum it is generally frowned upon to ask for other team’s robots or CAD models. If you need some ideas for a lifting lock I would suggest watching some robot reveals and/or explanations on YouTube. 1469A demonstrated a fairly unique locking mechanism for their lift: 1469A VEX Over Under Early Season MOA Reveal Skip to 1:38 for their climb.


I’ve looked at that video and tried to replicate it. Sorry but I was not aware of the etiquette as I am new to VRC and the VEX Forums in general, it won’t happen in the future.


We are 8th graders so we don’t do physics until a while so in other words red motors can pick up 10 kg or 20 pounds?

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This mainly depends on the distance between the motor (always red torque for more force) and the support point (endgame stick).

The smaller this distance, the more kilos you can lift and, consequently, the less height the robot can lift.

For this very reason, the ideal would be to achieve the perfect balance so that the robot can be lifted without problems having considerably long lifting bars.

As an additional tip, use two motors, one on each side to increase power.

The best thing is that based on this, you start to do trial and error until you get a good score in the endgame.


ok thank you. We already were thinking of ways to build with the least motors used. And I found a one motor catapult so that should help with motor capacity not being reached

I would like it if this could become a hub for ideas on how to climb the elevation bar. Everyone just share their ideas about it

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There are a TON of climbing ideas discussed here.


You are asking other people to design your robot for you. What’s the best way to climb and have a catapult is way too wide of a question.

we already have a design we are 8th graders and trying to help our school’s 6 th grader
so then they could win in competetion.

thank you I will check it out