Vex Engineering Notebook

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to put in the notebook

This wiki entry has a Ton of resources about engineering notebooks. Read through some of them, and it should give a ton of suggestions and solve a lot of questions.

If you want a brief summary, the design process of your robot.


What is the best way to set up and Engineering notebook??

@alaynadeane7. You don’t need to make more than one topic for similar questions. As I recall, your other topic was also about Engineering notebooks. Since you were the original poster, you could reasonably ask this question in your other thread.


I wanted to make two separates post with two separate topics

Here’s a simple tutorial:

Of course your best option is to look page 26 of the Vex Judge’s Guide.

Thank you for you help!

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Set aside space at the end for drafting. You don’t want the judges opening page one to a design someone made first day with no experience. Be sure to be organized, and have sections for new bot designs, new system designs, task lists for practices, a thorough timeline of your team’s progression, and some light journaling and note taking.

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