Vex offroad Truck - underpowered / struggling to move

I previously had the common issue with the Vex offroad truck not turning correctly (Vex offroad Truck - Left and right not working) which was solved by Vex sending me replacement parts.

However, now the truck seems to be underpowered, or else something at the front is preventing the rear wheel drive from doing its job.

If truck turned on its back the rear wheels spin fine forward and back. The front wheels squeak a little, but otherwise turn without any problem. Put the truck right way up however, and it barely moves.

Ironically, before when I had the steering issue, truck would go back and forth at a good speed.

Anyone come across this, or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Welcome! Did you try new batteries? The truck has a small battery pack for its size, fresh ones are a huge win.

Yes, batteries changed twice. Slight improvement, but still near enough undriveable. As I mentioned in my original post, front wheels are squeaking, so could perhaps something be rubbing/too tight? They do spin freely when turned by hand though.

Next step is to disassemble the front and rebuild.

Not really sure what to say. Is the squeaking from a misalignment / rubbing? The front wheels have a pretty simple axle system. They should free spin pretty easily.

The rear wheel drive should push the truck pretty hard. Mine goes over 1" dowels pretty easily. So Iā€™m thinking there is something going on there.

Please post back what you find out so others can learn from your efforts. Thanks!

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Issue is definitely the front wheels. Turn sensor on the front is positioned correctly, but when the truck is connected to the app, the wheels turn left and right, but then fail to centre. See pic:

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