Vex Over Under Rules Discussion

Over Under seems like a game with complex rules, fine understandings, and volatile situations of sudden rule-changes; not to mention the various discussions and conflicts about build/part rules that will carry over from the last few years.

Let’s all gain a deeper understanding of the game manual in this thread, while also compiling points of interest for the Q&A.

I would love to participate in this discussion, however


Ha, yeah. I have been refreshing for the last 15 minutes.

Do you think we will be able to drive over the center bar/beam (black)?


That’s happening to me too I wonder why :confused:

oh yay I got it now too

still showing the timer for me

I see that 5.5V motors are allowed, and that match loads can be directly placed into the robot. I think these two rules will affect matches a lot.


wow, 88w of motors either 11w or 5.5w! game changer.


V5 Smart Motors (11W) must use an official VEX V5 gear cartridge.

:cry:. Not that 3600 RPM is useful for OU, but they probably won’t change this back for a future flywheel game.


The new motor limit seems cool

The fact there is a watt limit instead of a motor limit is insane.

Someone posted a PDF file in the main Over Under chat.

Just downloaded as well. Can’t see anything about crossing the barrier though?

It will be interesting to see how well the rule of double-zoning and unprotected goals in enforced. It looks like a major extra burden on referees to detect the cases where interactions of zones and de-scoring are happening at once.

Also, there does not seem to be mention of a rule restricting alliances’ positions.

For example, there is no rule preventing a complete blockage of access to an opponent’s goal.

Additionally, there is no rule forbidding you to block the path to your opponent’s loading station.

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Crossing the barrier during skills or tele-op is legal.

Yeah I noticed this as well, which prompted my question about driving over the center barrier. (if there was a blockage)

Hi everyone I cant seem to find it but can anyone tell me if there is a rule about going into an opponents match load area. Example can red team go into the blue match load are and steal any marchloads that are there.

Im sure the rule book says yes or no somewhere i judt cant find it.

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Is there a vertical expansion limit upon match start? For example, if I were to scissor lift something up or extend a claw upwards.

One thing I have noticed is that the Elevation Bars scoring system is kind of janky. If both of the opposing robots are in J and both of your robots are in A then they get 40 and you get 30 but if one of your robots is higher then you only get 25.