Vex puns

This is a place to put hidden rickroll lines and for vex puns

the Rectractable Claw Design thread was getting out of hand

This is what we have so far:

Never! It just puts people in the zone.
Gonna say puns change up your mind, and
give you a sense of motivation.
You have a starstruck mindset,
up and beyond the meta.

Never! again shall we stray from in the zone .
Gonna say puns change up your mind,
Let us move on from this bridge battle
You should be starstuck from this conversation’s turn of events
Down with this nothing but net humor

Never again shall this topic stray from being in the zone ​
Gonna toss up this topic to the admins
Run, because they are coming to change up what we think
Around a month later the admins will put an end to this bridge battle
And they will round up all of us and banish us from the forum
Desert the Retractable Claw Design Post
You should come Here instead

Never again, will I build a pushbot
Gonna use bearing flats more
Make it to Worlds this year!
You wouldn’t think I’d be able to, considering my attention span
Cry, is what I’m gonna do when I don’t make it.

(read the first word of every sentence)


Desert the Retractable Claw Design Post
You should come Here instead

wheres the vex pun?
but ok we’ll take it

We need a new Idea besides name puns they are getting stale after a few paragraphs

Here’s the starter of this page


@DodgeDoodle_41442A All that Guy wanted was just to have his question answered but instead, it turned into a Rick-Roll Fest

You know, all this is getting in the zone
I really hope this has no tipping piont

We need a change up of jokes


We were just getting in the zone


This Forum is a long bridge battle of jokes

We really need to change up our humor. Although, we have the puns pretty squared away.


ok now i’ve made the original post a wiki so u can add your pun to the list

Link plz?
Edit: I’m dumb

no it just means anyone with high enough rank can edit it

That’s a really good way to change up the topic

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we are getting in the zone of puns again

Right here


Wow… I didn’t realize a simple question could cause such a turning curve!

You won’t find me hangin’ around this thread. I’m gonna half-pipe hustle my way out of here.

these puns are terrible

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