Vex Songs

Me and my team are looking to build an awesome playlist for when we decide to rock out while bulding robots, because let’s face it, it’s easier to work when you have dope music playing. And hopefully, you can use it as a reference when you decide to rock out too!

Help us out and drop your favorite songs to vibe to while you build and code! <333

There is already a thread on this:


Sorry, just wasn’t trying to revive an old thread, so I made a new one <33

People got mad at me for reviving an old thread, so I figured it would be easier to create this new one <333

Oh god, look I would suggest you don’t post new threads, people are pretty mad at you already, also try to find it on the one @9MotorGang showed you. Please just stop swear on the forum also.

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I didn’t swear on the forum but alright <333

Oh no not this again


nothing wrong with reviving a chit-chat/rumor mill thread

I tried asking a question in another thread years old and someone got mad at me for it <33