VEX Tower Takeover on ROBLOX Project

U said internet sucks twice @RNA

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What?? How??? It is actually really fun, U should play it sometime


yeah I know… Its supposed to be funny


this is really cool. @Connor you said something about holding a tournament. Is there a way to sign up for this?


For the people who have no clue on how to use roblox studio will there be any template robots that we can choose from?

Yes I will be providing a default robot for teams who do not build or do not know how to use studio. But because theres a month before the event there shouldn’t be a reason why nobody has the time to build one.

If I sign up now, can I add other members to my team later on?

Yes but you will have to re-register again


Motion graphics on the LED walls??

To build the robots, are we just moving the parts to the place we want them or is there some sort of constraint system like in Inventor? I’m used to inventor so I don’t know how these would be functional without constraints


Oh ok

I registered and sent a friend request should I be expecting the server thing so I can construct my own robot or just wait until the competition day?

You will need to construct a robot early. Could you message me your username?


How do you build a robot? Is there a way to import models from Solidworks? Because I am much more comfortable building a robot with Solidworks.

its much easier to just do in studio, just drag and drop the stuff, doesn’t need to be precise. i finished mine in like 2 hours.


I’ve found a reason to play ROBLOX again! Great job! I’m excited to see this game!


I have no idea how to build things in roblox and bind them together. I know how to use soldiworks mates though.


Because I’m doing many personal things, working on the game at the same time will cause burnout and I don’t want that. I will be spending this week relaxing for a bit, then I’ll continue on full throttle to get the game working after this week ends. I will not respond to personal messages for the time being, but to answer everyone’s responses:

I am very sorry but the most convenient way for me to code and import robots is if they are built part by part on studio.

If you are having issues with fusing parts inside of each other and ROBLOX is preventing it, you likely have collisions enabled. Disable collisions on the home tab. If you are having trouble grouping, there really shouldn’t be. All you need to do is CTRL + Click multiple blocks and then CTRL + G to group them. (Or group by right clicking -> group)

Correct, it should not take too long to build a robot in ROBLOX Studio :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:
I’ll make sure that it’s worth everyone’s time.


I sent you a friend request and application and everything and I’m still wondering if I got in

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If I want to register and compete but I didn’t qual for worlds, is that okay? Totally understand if it’s not. Love the idea btw.