VEX Virtual Community Made Worlds 2020 Registration Form

TowerTakeover ROBLOX
Hello! This is Connor formerly from 3674R/1814D and I appreciate your time to read this post. I understand the cancellation of VRC Worlds 2020, and its sadness that lies with it, so I will be trying my best to work on a Virtual Worlds where everyone can come together, meet up in pits, have fun, and compete in a virtual game for a chance to win the Virtual event. This game is Community Made, but there will be trophy’s mailed for the teams who win the championship or wins the skills event. Bear in mind, this events completion is not guaranteed, and the date may be changed if need-by. The event will last around the range of 5-8 hours depending on how many teams who will be registering, so make sure that you offer up time.
The date of this event is supposedly April 26th.

I will be closing registration on April 1st


Im definitely filling this out in a bit owo

Can you define virtual?

  • Virtual reality
  • Send in videos of robot performance
  • Other

Dude it’s just roblox lol

The game will be on ROBLOX, a game development platform, so there will not be any virtual reality involved. There will not be videos sent of robot performance. We will build a couple of robots that teams may choose from and drive with in in the game. While not competing, you can customize your pit to represent your team, as well as walk around the pits as well. The winner of the event will get a reward mailed to them. I will hopefully be livestreaming it too.
Note: The only way to compete in the event is via registration, as I will be whitelisting names as well.


Will every team get to build their own bot? I have a feeling that the game would get pretty hectic pretty fast. But on the other hand, all teams should be represented. Will everyone’s bot be unique or will there be a few template bots?

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I will be giving everyone the opportunity to build their own robot to compete with, yes. They just need to DM me saying they friended me on ROBLOX in addition to their ROBLOX username so I can add them to the robot building place. I will make y’alls creaton come alive :slight_smile:
If a team does not build their own robot, They will use a list of robots to choose from (So I would highly suggest they build their robot).


Well I found what I’ll be doing instead of going to my FRC competition…

Thanks so much for creating this, Connor!


No problem! I love this community, so this is my opportunity to give back
I am in the process of making Kentucky center (not exactly though, but close) with the best of my knowledge and using pictures. It’s gonna take me some time to replicate it all, but hopefully it would give an experience similar to actually being at worlds :slight_smile:
Screenshot (847)
I completed the area behind those closed doors, no leaks though :eyes:


This is a good alternative for the cancellation!

EDIT #1: Oh, and what about Freedom hall? And it’s LED Walls they put up and change every year? Not to mention lights, lasers, seating etc.


:wink: That’s a secret.


This is really cool but im in IQ and this is VRC

when will worlds be held

The worlds will be open to VEX IQ and VEXU teams as well, the only difference is that you will be competing with EDR rules and robots. :slight_smile:
@Micah_7157X The date of the event is at the topic post


How would the robot-building interface look like? Minecrafty? KSP-ey?From The Depthy? Or even, Fusion 360-ey?

Or do I just send in the video of my robot working, so that you get the concept?

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I’m am totally down for this! I’m going to sign up later this afternoon.

Quick question: Can anyone join regardless of not qualifying to worlds?

You will build it on ROBLOX studio so you will have a lot of customization. But, the parts are limited so either you will need to just suck it up that the parts are limited or add more VEX parts into the game.

I will be allowing anyone to join, provided that they have competed in the 2019-2020 VEX season in either VRC, VEXU, or VEXIQ. Only drawback is the event is EDR following EDR rules.


appreciate that


Another Question: would you announce the time when the competition could start?