VEX U design opinions

Hi guys,
I’m interested to hear your opinions on what vex u designs will be at worlds this year. In HS and MS we are seeing a little bit of design convergence with the majority going for some kind of claw (About 75% of robots I see at the competitions I referee are forward facing claws).
I’m wondering how this will change with VEX U rules. With a bigger robot I’m seeing more hoarding and then dumping at the end. I can feasibly see side rollers carrying 12 stars with the space we’ve got. Or do you guys think we’ll see bigger version of a 62 style claw? From testing these also have a reasonably high capacity.

Also what sort of autons do you expect? Given the field changes very quickly very complex code would be required to really score more than the high end high school autons. We think scoring the cube as quickly as possible is important as it usually knocks stars off the fence and is very hard to come back from unless you have some very complex code. Hanging in auton is also an option however sacrificing that amount of time might put you at a disadvantage.

I think the robots will be very similar to HS robots.

Aston is tricky. After you get through your first few moves of planned scoring, you could perhaps just randomly try picking up whatever might be around you and chances are you will get something if your opponent has scored.

I am not in VEXU, but would it be possible to implement some sort of lidar?