VEX Virtual Builder - Development Log #1 is out now!

I know it’s been a while since the first post but before I start this one, I’d like to thank everyone for the support so far on the VVB. The fact that so many of you were interested in the VVB blew me away and I appreciate every comment and bit of support I’ve received thus far.

If you don’t know what the VVB is, click here for the first post introducing it.

Today I have a proper video log, as promised, posted on the YouTube channel (shown below). The video explains everything about the VVB in it’s current state: Beta 1.0.2.

Also, those who are testing the VVB can use the video as a kind of tutorial for understanding how to use the program. Testers have been notified if they were selected.

Another note, please understand that the version shown in this video is not the final release and may be subject to change.

Once again, thank you all for the incredible support, and you should expect more updates and development logs coming more frequently as development continues.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask them below!

-Dave G.


This looks like an incredibly intuitive interface. Similarities to CAD, but neatly tailored to VEX and with a focus on exactly what a novice builder in VEX would need to be able to quickly try things out. Very clever.


this looks amazing! using professional cad software like inventor or fusion will probably still be more efficient for the higher level CADders, but this seems like a very good place to get people started on CAD with a simple interface.

I’ve got a few questions about some of the features:

will it be possible to build without using screws, shafts, and those kind of things? they are usually unnecessary in CAD and I usually don’t use them to save time.

will it offer the basic constraints that professional CAD software does?

will it offer the ability to make custom parts?


This is awesome!!! Will it be able to change the part parameters after inserting them? (the length of a c-channel for example)

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This is so cool!!! Can we still sign up for the beta testing?

I am of the opinion that you should send out more keys because I’m very sad I didn’t get one :frowning:


Thank you!

To answer your questions:

  1. Currently, using screws and shafts is the basis of construction in the VVB, it’s meant to mimic how building is done in the real world. This is opposed to how some other CAD software is based on constraints.
  2. As mentioned previously, constraints are not how the VVB functions. However, changes could be made to add similar features. It’ll be added to the list of possible new additions! Thank you!
  3. In the first post about the VEX Virtual Builder, I noted that this feature could be added in later versions, most likely beyond the beta phase of development.

Great idea, it will be added to a list of possible new features! Thank you!


Yes of course! Beta sign-ups are still open on the first post. Although, it is important to remember that it doesn’t guarantee the ability to become a tester.


Currently, the number of testers is in very limited capacity considering it is only the first beta version. As development continues, the number of testers should grow as well.


also for those who didn’t make the beta when you open it to more people will you go back and look at the pas submissions or will we have to submit again


this is insane! seriously how are you a senior in high school😳. this type of stuff is usually done with an entire team of people who have all graduated college with majors in engineering! put that into perspective! I’m just a guy trying to figure out how the MATH works behind odometry, and this guy, only 2-3 years older than me, is making his own custom cad software!
ok im done cyall and :v: out

edit: @DaveG I’m going to figure out a way for you to be nominated for some kind of national stem award, seriously, your not even getting enough praise in this thread. the amount of work and intellect that goes into creating something like this is indescribable. also, big sad i wasnt chosen to test it😭


also big sad that i wasn’t chosen

Great app! Could it animate gears?

Probably unlikely, but if you can export the robot file (if the virtual builder allows it) and import it into Blender then you can animate everything about what was cadded.

It’s the 6th greatest 3D modeling software known to date, according to creativebloq. And what’s even greater is that you don’t pay anything and its completely free


Thanks so much for this info! I so need this.
It looks like something I will be able to understand. Lolz.

This is soooo genius. How did you make this? It is just so amazing. Really impressive.

Question: is this an app or like fusion that you have to download on a browser. I think that is how that works but not sure. Correct me if I am wrong.


@anon43989982 I think that you will have to download it.

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For part turning I have found it helpful to have a option for rotation snapping.

Edit: It looks like you already have this

My feelings exactly. I can’t wait!!!


Currently, a specific platform has not been selected. However, there is a possibility for a downloaded version alongside an online platform. Also, thank you for the nice comments!