VEX VRC Steam Engine type flywheel

Hi i was watching this video: VEX "Steam Engine" - Pneumatic Driven Flywheel - YouTube and was wondering how teams would be able to do this for their flywheel this season in order to not have overhearing motors and to use motors for other things like drivetrain

to be honest it wouldn’t be worth it. you would likely run out of air since your only allowed to have 2 reservoirs and it would likely not be able to shoot the disc as hard or far as a motorized flywheel. also with a clever use of ratchets and PTO’s you can run 6+ motor drive train and motorized flywheel.


ight, how should my team stop overheating of flywheel and out intake motor

(First search the forum, I know there are other posts about this)
But also overheating is most commonly solved by reducing friction in your flywheel, make sure you are using bearing flats, and keep everything as straight as possible while building.
If you want any more specific advice, post pictures of the parts of your robot that are overheating and maybe someone will be able to assist you


look like @Amanda said look at reducion friction its usually the no 1 cause. this is usually done through better bearing alighnment. if you have really good freespin but are still over heating try reducing the gear ratio of the motors. I have a 1motor flywheel 1motor intakelinked to roller linked to indexer mechs and they last up to 3-5min of max speed use. so with a little adjustments you should be able to get them to run at least for a full match withought overheating.

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A nicely made pneumatic engine, but you can see it’s being run off on an air compressor. Here’s the “Pneubot” by team MCCC, which will travel about 20’ on vex-legal parts and air reservoirs: Team MCCC robot reveal: the Pneubot, zero motor drive