VEX Worlds VRC - air travel with electronics

For those who have air traveled with your VRC robot and electronics, did you carry on your batteries and controllers? Or were you able to check them? For context, we have the Robosource travel box and the battery station completion case. Based on what I have read on here, and on Delta and American Airlines, we need to carry on the batteries, and it seems we can use the competition case for that, but worry about TSA being weird about the tools.

Any advice would be helpful!

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Yeah we carry on our batteries and controller, check the robot and tools.

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There already is a VEX worlds question thread where we are trying to keep all the answers consolidated. Ask there please.


Thanks - do you have a direct link to that thread?

Whats Worlds Like? might be the one being referred to

We always put everything but the batteries and controller under the plane, tools are considered weapons and must be checked under the plane. And the batteries in the controller and just the batteries in general must be on carry on.

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We flew American. Get a large thing of cling wrap and wrap your robot entirely from top to bottom, TSA will not gut your robot parts and tamper with your robot when being check for under carry. For your tool box, store all batteries in your box as carry on, and keep all tools in carry on, we never had any problems bringing any cutters or long tools.


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