VexCode V5 Python Cant Download

New to VexCode (we have used RobotMesh since the V5 was released), but are planning to switch to VexCode this year.

I’d really like them to use Python, but when I create a new text based project, select Python, create the simplest of programs by dragging the brain.screen.print (“VEXcode”) from the left side to the right, select slot 1, then download … I get a brief window stating “Starting Download Process”, then nothing. The program isn’t downloaded to the brain.

I’m directly connected and VEXcode sees the brain. I can do the exact same thing, but select C++, draft the print screen function, select download … and it works fine.

I can also do a Blocks program fine. I just can’t seem to get anything to download in Python.

All firmware is updated, VEXcode is the latest version 2.0.8-379

I’ve tried rebooting everything. Tried different slots on the brain, etc. No go. I haven’t tried different computer, USB, brain yet, but hard to believe any of that is the issue since Blocks and C++ work fine.

Any ideas?

Even choosing the example programs … nothing Python will download. C++ and Blocks are fine. It’s like it isn’t invoking the compiler.

Maybe a corrupt installation of VEXcode?

Same problem here.

Replicated on two different computers, MacOS Big Sur and High Sierra, VEXcode V5 v. on both.

Two brains, VEXos 1.1.0 on both.

C++ and Blocks work fine.

Delete, re-installed VEXcode. Still same issue. Everything works fine with Blocks and C++, but nothing will download in Python.

Just when I thought it was safe to move to VEXcode. LOL

Hey! I am one of the VEXcode developers. We are currently looking into this issue.



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Thanks for reporting this.

We found out that the cloud linter used by the python system had a bad configuration that resulted in the server returning an error that VEXcode did not know how to handle. We have pushed out a fix to the server and it should be working for everyone again.

Sorry about any issues this has caused.



Awesome … worked perfectly now. Thanks. LOVE the quick response.

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Is there any documentation about the capabilities for V5’s Python environment? Would one be able to import modules (e.g. pandas, numpy, etc.)?

It’s based on micropython, and being embedded, you will find many limitations as compared to using Python on PC. However, it’s still pretty powerful.
some info here

and here, you can do a lot just with console.


Thanks for the quick fix. It hadn’t crossed my mind that Vexcode V5 would be using any cloud services. I did a couple of quick tests with the WiFi turned off, and it looks like Blocks and C++ work without internet access, but Python does not. Is that right? It matters because I’ve been to events where WiFi isn’t available and hotspots are discouraged to avoid interference. And, of course, because we get the occasional internet outage during class.

VEXcode V5 on macOS and Windows does not need internet at all for Blocks and C++. Python does use the internet to access a server to check for syntax errors. Due to the way python works, you can download without completing the syntax check and that will happen on the V5 Brain. If VEXcode does not see the server, it will just skip the syntax check. VEXcode V5 on any other system will require internet for Blocks and C++.

We use the python server for syntax checks due to the syntax check requiring a local Python install, and that the version matches the version we use on the brain. Due to this we have found that the best approach, at least for now, is to send the code to the server and let it check the syntax for errors before sending it to the V5 Brain.

TL;DR: VEXcode V5 on macOS and Windows does not need internet, but will use it when possible for extra functionality. VEXcode V5 installs on any other OS do require internet.