VEXcode V5 Text Version 1.0 Release

We are very happy to release VEXcode V5 Text Version 1.0. It can be downloaded here:

New features for this version:

  • Improved code readability by updating the V5 SDK version to use global enums (no :: needed by default) and add default parameters to commands that accepts different unit types.
    • Before: LeftMotor.spin(vex::directionType::fwd);
    • After: LeftMotor.spin(forward);
  • Added 50+ new example projects.
  • Added 8 new tutorial videos.
  • Added “Tools” menu in the toolbar, including commenting tools, font size adjustment, code formatting tools, and access to advanced API documentation.
  • Added Find / Replace features to the “Edit” menu.
  • Implemented “Command Help” feature. Accessible from the “Command Help” option in the right-click context menu after positioning the cursor on a command.
  • Implemented “Command Reference” feature listing primary API commands via the help panel. Command reference will display commands based on the configured devices in the project. Each command reference command has a simple “copy command” button.
  • Implemented Graphical Robot Configuration. Accessible by the Robot Configuration button in the toolbar.
  • Implemented a User Feedback feature for users to send feedback in the application.
  • Added Simplified Autocomplete for VEX API commands to limit complexity for new users. More advanced users can use the “Enable Expert Autocomplete” project setting in the project details window to expose all API commands.
  • Added wait() and waitUntil() macros to match VEXcode V5 Blocks.
  • Implemented Light Editor Theme preview feature. To view, change the theme option in from File -> Preferences.
  • Added a “Project Update” feature to migrate VEXcode V5 Text 0.9 and earlier projects to VEXcode V5 Text 1.0.

Technical details of new features:

  • Robot Configuration: Devices that are added to the Robot Configuration panel will auto-generate code snippets required to use the device. These devices will be initialized with the “vexcodeInit()” command.
  • Robot Configuration: Device declarations will populate the robot-config.h file - which is a read-only file.
  • Project Update: When the user opens projects created prior to VEXcode Text v1.0, the user will be provided an option to “Update Now”, “Update Later”, or “Don’t Ask Me Again”.
  • Project Update: Imported VCS VEX C++ and VEX C++ Pro projects will not support the Robot Configuration or the new Simplified Autocomplete features to avoid conflicts with backwards compatibility.

A few known issues with this release:

  • Simplified version of Autocomplete will be continuously improved for the future releases.
  • Accelerometer is not showing up in Autocomplete
  • “Editor Font Zoom Reset” under “Tool” menu on Windows, resets to slightly smaller font than the default

As always, we appreciate any user feedback. If you come across something that doesn’t seem right, please let us know below!

(Filling in for DRow, who decided to take vacation on release day…)


awesome! thanks for all the work on vexcode.


its sad drow isn’t here. We must summon him with the @DRow

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Just curious on the link it still says that it is version 0.9.


Is that an error and we’ll get 1.0 when we download?

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says 1.0 for me

and more character

Website update might lag a little behind… the links are pointing to 1.0.


Ok yeah it just updated for me. Thanks!

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the full screen and windowed view is still wrong since preview 4

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Is there still a way to use the motor_group class? Or for that matter, to even edit robot-config.h with text instead of the graphical configuration? I used several motor groups in my code. Would really like for my code to work again :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

nothing was removed from the SDK. motor_group is still available.

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How would you make the motor_group in the graphical interface? I can’t find a motor_group thing.

you don’t, for all the advanced features like this you just write code as you would have in 0.9. Create the motor group instances using (if you want to) motors created using the graphical interface.


Worth it.


Dillon, please, enjoy your Hawaii vacation :beach_umbrella: and stop checking on the forums!

Everything will be fine.

All, adults left for vacation - it’s party time on the forums!

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Party’s on! :tada:


Hope you enjoy your time out here

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Don’t lie to DRow while he’s on vacation.

The forum is actually of fire while DRow is gone

I just got time to install the new version. It looks very nice, and I like that there is now a light mode.
The whole Robot Configuration tab seems nice. Also aa, Graphical Device Configuration abbreviated would be GDC, and DRow not here when they released it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, here are some minor bugs I found already

These are NOT serious issues, but still.

In the Robot Configuration, under Quad-Encoder, you cannot select B and C.
Edit: someone told me that the processor inside the brain cannot handle a Quad-Encoder plugged into ports B and C

The drive train varaible is missing a space before the equals. This only happens when you add a 3-wire gyro to the drive train. Also this doesn’t cause any errors, but someone is sure to be annoyed.

In light mode and I know it’s just in preview, but the x button when hovered over turns white (couldn’t screenshot the mouse)…
aa2 aa

Also is Command Help tab in Help not implemented yet because I can figure out how to use it.

Correct, B /C is an illegal combination and cannot be selected.
This applies to both the quad encoder and sonar, the three wire port firmware is not flexible enough to allow all possible combinations of ports for these sensors, it’s restricted to A/B, C/D, E/F and G/H