VEXcode V5 Text Version 1.0 Release

Don’t lie to DRow while he’s on vacation.

The forum is actually of fire while DRow is gone

I just got time to install the new version. It looks very nice, and I like that there is now a light mode.
The whole Robot Configuration tab seems nice. Also aa, Graphical Device Configuration abbreviated would be GDC, and DRow not here when they released it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway, here are some minor bugs I found already

These are NOT serious issues, but still.

In the Robot Configuration, under Quad-Encoder, you cannot select B and C.
Edit: someone told me that the processor inside the brain cannot handle a Quad-Encoder plugged into ports B and C

The drive train varaible is missing a space before the equals. This only happens when you add a 3-wire gyro to the drive train. Also this doesn’t cause any errors, but someone is sure to be annoyed.

In light mode and I know it’s just in preview, but the x button when hovered over turns white (couldn’t screenshot the mouse)…
aa2 aa

Also is Command Help tab in Help not implemented yet because I can figure out how to use it.

Correct, B /C is an illegal combination and cannot be selected.
This applies to both the quad encoder and sonar, the three wire port firmware is not flexible enough to allow all possible combinations of ports for these sensors, it’s restricted to A/B, C/D, E/F and G/H


So now you tell me. I was very frustrated with my programming for about 3 days trying to figure what on earth th problem was, and now you tell me that it was the port configuration that was illegal?

Command Help is available for the simplified SDK commands initially by right clicking on a command (method). We’ll be adding more to the built-in help as we continue to update over the coming months.


In addition, you can look at the full SDK documentation in the Advanced Help from the Tools menu:



Pretty sure all programming solutions either enforce this or have documentation explaining it. For example, PROS has

Encoders must be plugged into the ADI such that the top wire
is in an odd numbered port  (1, 3, 5, 7 or ‘A’, ‘C’, ‘E’, or ‘G’), and then
the bottom wire must be in the next highest port number.

Are we required to use VEXCode 1.0? I have been using 0.9 just fine, but now I am unable to download code from that version. I really don’t want to be bothered using the graphical robot configuration or uncommenting 500+ lines of code per project, and would like to continue using the previous version of VEXCode


Not Upgrading Projects

You can choose not to upgrade your 0.9 projects to keep the “expert autocomplete” active and not use the built-in Robot Configuration tool. Choose “Don’t Show This Again” to keep the “0.9” style projects.


Declaring Devices

VEXcode V5 Text 1.0 does not require you to use the Robot Configuration utility - you can declare your devices via code just like you’ve done in the past. The Robot Configuration utility simply generates the device instances for you.


Enable Expert Autocomplete

VEXcode V5 Text 1.0 does not require you to use the simplified autocomplete - you can enable “Expert Autocomplete” via the project setting.

Simple Autocomplete Example:

Enable Expert Autocomplete:

Expert Autocomplete Example:

Uncommenting Lines

If you have upgraded your project to 1.0 and you want to “uncomment” a large block of code, highlight the commented section of code and select “Remove Line Comment”.



There are some great improvements with this update… but

doesn’t ring true, as the robot-config files are read only. You would need to make an additional include and then glare angrily at the empty files that are sitting in your list.

A disable auto-config button in the device setup interface would be a nice add for the next pass.

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I don’t disagree, however

you nearly always need an instance of vex::brain. That’s the only thing that’s always defined in robot-config.cpp, then just avoid using the Robot Config panel, define motors and other devices in main.cpp or other files as needed, just ignore the auto generated config files exist. They can be deleted, but would be created again if you add a device in robot config.

If you have a project created in 0.9, don’t upgrade and robot config will be completely disabled.


finally getting the update installed
Why do the motors not translate over? It is inconvenient because I need to reconfigure all our motors once I can get my hands on our robot.

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yeah pretty much all my code is depressed now that I had it put in the new studio

can you explain more, existing projects should run without modification if you didn’t update, if you did, then just uncomment all your code from main.cpp except the instance of brain.

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It messed up all the ports on our robot so I need to wait to fix my code till tomorrow when I get my hands on the robot

Is the forum broken or is it just me??? (Bottom of this thread) image

Nothing in your screenshot looks abnormal.

Also, you should make a new topic in #website-forum-support for this; it does not belong in this topic.



I installed version 1.0 yesterday. After converting the program from 0.9 to 1.0 the competition switch is not working. We can no longer use it to run our autonomous.

If someone could please help that would be great.

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