VEXcode V5 Tutorial Feedback Request

Hello Everyone!

This summer, I am developing a series of VEXcode V5 Text tutorials to help all VRC teams. I am a graduating senior. Since I have used VCS and VEXcode since their initial release, I’d like to pass on my knowledge.

I would like my tutorial series to be as useful for teams as possible. I have outlined a 29-video series. My goal is for each video to be about 3 minutes long. Ideally, new programmers (with minimal experience) could watch the entire series and acquire a solid grasp of competition coding. Also, experienced coders can use the short videos to learn (or re-learn) specific topics.

Here is a rough list of proposed videos:

Beginner Level:

  1. Getting Started with VEXcode V5 text
  2. Basic Syntax
  3. Downloading program to robot
  4. Visual Declaring sensors and motors
  5. Declaring sensors and motors in text
  6. Variables
  7. Motor Control
  8. Printing to the Brain, Controller, and Terminal (Debug 101)
  9. If and while loops
  10. Compound loops - potentially combine with previous video
  11. How To use the VEXcode API

Intermediate Level:
12. Diving deeper with VEXcode
13. Methods
14. Saving Multiple Autons to One Program
15. V5 Vision sensor
16. V5 Inertial sensor
17. Distance sensor
18. Legacy Sensors
19. Programming a driver control with if and while loops
20. How To Program A Basic Auton
21. Competition Template

Advanced Level:
22. Macros
23. Implementing Multiple Files
24. Advanced Program Setup
25. Gyro Turning
26. Error control with step functions
27. Error control with linear functions
28. Advanced Error Control
29. Advanced Autonomous Programming

As a test, I made the intro video:

Before I get rolling, I’d like some feedback. Will tutorials in this format help you out? Are there any additional topics you’d like me to include? Do you like the speed and structure of my sample video.



I am really looking forward to seeing this it would have really helped me.


My team could really use to teach incoming freshmen and new members. We have a lot of programmers joining.


if completed this could be a really great resource for beginning teams. I see you have all the things I would like to see already listed, and I’m looking forward to being able to give this resource to newer teams.


I think this is amazing! I am excited to share these with our teams!


Are you going to include “for” loops?

Thanks for the reminder! I will include that in the loops video.

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How often is each vid going to come out?


I am making it into a summer project. The timeline will vary with my availability, but I expect to release 1-2 videos per week.

I’d like to make the videos high-quality, so I am spending time scripting and editing each one.


this sounds awesome! definetly will be useful resource for many teams.

Are you going to show how to do a flow chart?

If possible could you do some video(s) on pneumatics??

Excited to see the finished series

I will keep that in mind if I have time. I have not used pneumatics since the 2.0 cortex. To me, it looks like VEX is phasing them out. I think we will see pneumatics used less and less.

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Thanks for the reminder! I will try and throw that in.

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Multitasking might be a good advanced topic to add.


I’ll add it to the list!

Video #2 is now live!

In this video, I go over basic C++ syntax. I will be releasing more soon!


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