VEXlink documentaton

Documentation for VEXlink robot to robot communications is now available here.

It’s released as part of the Knowledge base articles for the AI competition, but does not rely on any of the AI software so can be used between any two (or more) V5 systems. It’s only available when programing the V5 using VEXcode, an additional radio is needed for any system also using a controller.


Just to clarify - the current radios we all have are or are not compatible with vex link?
If they are teams not in AI could connect 2 brains over vex link (not legal for VRC of course, just for fun) with the current version of VEXcode text?


Yes, current radios are VEXlink compatible, as long as you have vexos 1.0.11 or later and a recent version of VEXcode (as we changed the API slightly in the summer), any two V5 system can use VEXlink.


Is PROS currently supported for VEXLink?
@hotel would you happen to have some insight on this?

It is not, this is a VEXcode only feature.


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