What is the legality of using VEXlink in vex competitions

Using VEX Link you can link two V5 brains together wired or wirelessly and can communicate with each other. What is the legality of using this in VRC? I have not been able to track down any documentation either way it’s not labeled as legal for use and it’s not labeled illegal anywhere I’ve looked so I’m kind of not sure. I think it would be really cool to use as something of another controller for the robot, so a co-driver could use it to keep track of motor temps and position tracking information. I don’t see how it would provide a whole lot of advantageous functionality when competing other than a larger screen to display information on than the controller. It’s kind of a niche subject but it would be fun to mess around with and has the potential to be kind of useful so If anyone knows where any documentation on the legality of using VEXlink is that would be awesome to know.