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The VEX community needs a central, go-to location for knowledge of all things VEX. With the deactivation of the official VEX wiki, there was a void - a void that I’m trying to fill by launching an unofficial VEX wiki: ( also works)

The project can’t be successful without a community of people who are willing to contribute their knowledge and experience to make it a great resource. I certainly can’t do this on my own (not only that, but my experience is only with VEX EDR, and I’ve only been coaching for 4 years) - it’s far too big of a task. So I’m asking you all to consider contributing your time and knowledge to this project. I have set up what I feel is a good start, with stub pages in place and with a sensible organization. There are certainly things that I will have missed; if you need me to create a page and you don’t want to do it yourself, please email me at

If you have expertise in VEX IQ or VEX Pro and would like to take the lead on those pages, I would appreciate it.

Contributors will need to create an account; the link is at the top of the page. You’ll receive your password via email. If you feel that you would like to help further be being an editor, please shoot me an email. On the welcome page I have created a simple style guide and a brief intro to dokuwiki formatting. It’s pretty easy and no HTML knowledge is necessary.

I hope this takes off, but it won’t without community support. Again, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments at


Pete Ruckelshaus

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This was also done back in 2009 on this conversation . But since then it has disappeared. I hope, like you, this will take off. Maybe it would solve the problem on the forums being clouded by very simple questions. BTW, I’m signed up.

IMO a web service that is subservient to another is usually not going to do as well as a standalone one, properly implemented. That’s my goal for this. An easy to remember URL also helps :P.

If you notice a page that should exist, email or message me with what the page is and where it should go and I will create it.

Thank you all.

alright, give me until saturday night and I’ll work on a few pages that appear to need a little more information/objectivity/detail
Example: If I was new to VEX, and I read the bearing page, I’d think you were supposed to put bearings on each side of one C channel, then I’d be fine.
Of course, that’s not the case, but it’s still new and honestly I’m impressed this is already as far as it is.
Another thing: Maybe I’m blind, but it’s missing an entire section for coding, and if it is there and I’m just missing it I’d like to tinker with those pages a bit too.
Thanks for doing this though, the old vexwiki looked terrible and took forever to load, even on good high-speed internet

This is a starting point. There will be a good amount of flux while content is added, edited, etc., and then it will stabilize. Articles like the bearing page definitely needs to include construction tips & best practices and that sort of thing.

For coding, it’s under programming. To me, as a rough guide, coding = noncompiled and markup languages, programming = compiled languages.

Again, I’m happy to add any pages that need adding if you don’t feel comfortable adding them yourselves.


Nah, I’ll get around to adding/editing stuff myself it later, probably tonight. Don’t worry about little old me :wink:

this looks like an interesting project. I’ll try to contribute when I have a chance.

This is the best thing I have ever seen! We’ve already added some content and we look forward to keep adding more! Hope this is a success!

I’ll be sure to add to this as soon as I get a chance.

Thank you all for your support.

When adding club/teams to the wiki, please follow the template. If we are missing things in the template, make a suggestion in the discussion portion of the page. 99% sure it will be followed. The pages will get better over time for sure. Thanks to @pruckelshaus for launching this effort.

Is the focus going to be on the principles and concepts, or on construction tips, or both? I was thinking about contributing, but i wanted to be sure anything i put was within the scope and purpose of the site.

Everything VEX. Theory, practice, and everything in between.


Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support. Two weeks ago, the site didn’t exist and the domains weren’t registered. Now, I’ve got 37 people signed up as content contributors, with new content going in each day. It’s always cool to see a community coalesce around an idea.

One request that came down from someone at VEX, when using any of VEX’s trademarked names (VEX, VEX IQ, etc.), please be sure that the spelling and capitalization are correct.

Thanks again,

Important remark:
Please read the linked thread.
I’ve been around VEX community since 2013, and I know that bots’n’stuff team/association/organization/meme/whatever you call them/ had a VEX wiki site called BNS wiki (I believe) and its domain name used to be That was a very legit VEX wiki that contained a lot of information. I remember filling in the legends of team 44 Green Egg wiki there during my last high school days. I just checked that a moment ago, and according to what that thread says, BNS wiki is down because Kyle (old pal) stopped paying for it. :frowning: good old memories gone with the server in the cloud… Time does take stuff away from you doesn’t it.

If someone can find a way to retrieve the information on BNS wiki and add it to this new wiki, that would be absolutely fantastic. I don’t know how to do it though. Just pointing it out.

All*/ is showing is HTTP 301’s or contact your service provider message. Disappointing.

The 301s are just redirects; just wait 10 seconds and most captures seem to redirect correctly to

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Awesome. I guess my impatience didn’t pay off.

The only thing that will kill vexwiki is lack of community interest or involvement, which so far has been incredibly strong. The site is housed on my own VPS that I have a couple of other sites running on (it’s not free, but I was already paying for it, so…), and domain registration is $12 per year.


If you ever decide you don’t want to pay for it anymore, it can be converted to a site hosted on Aerobatic (with community content facilitated by Bitbucket Pipelines integration) with a free domain.

(Can you tell I really like Aerobatic?)