VIQC Squared Away sizing tool built from Next Level field kit

Here are some images of the sizing tool I built for VIQC Squared Away, using only parts from a Next Level field kit:


Here’s the CAD file for the sizing tool: (2.2 KB) (unzip that to find a .ldr file, which should work fine in SnapCAD).

Figuring out how to produce and render CAD models of IQ contraptions on my mac was non-trivial, so I’ve detailed my process for that in a separate post.

Haven't I seen this before?

Probably. I realized only after designing the model and rendering the images that @gbr did something very similar last month. Looking at the two models, I figure theirs is probably sturdier overall, though mine is a bit more compact, has more support against front-to-back tipping, and includes the separate tool for sliding along the front of the frame, like the official sizing tool does.

Overall, if I had remembered seeing @gbr’s tool before I started my own, I probably would have just built it instead. However, I figured that since I had already spent a day on this project I might as well go ahead and write this post anyway.


Well Done!

Love that you put it into a format that works with SnapCad and shared what you learned from it!