Virtual v5 bot designing, cad-ish

I’ve seen virtual bots designed in some sort of cad-type software. Where can we find this type stuff? Would be nice for learning and prototyping.

You can get Autodesk Inventor or Autodesk Fusion for free as a student. These are the main two CAD programs people use to design VEX robots. Here is the link to their websites to download it for free:

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Which is more basic/easier to use/better learning curve?


The main difference is that Fusion is cloud based and Inventor is not. I use Fusion but I have never used Inventor. Also, joints are more difficult with Inventor. I would say both platforms have learning curves and one isn’t much easier than the other. It is more of a personal preference. Both work perfectly well for VEX.

Have a look at these threads for more information:

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thanks. will check them all out.

If you just want an extremely simple type of cad that is free and basically takes no experience to use is robotmesh. It in a coding thing. You just pick the v5 mimic. Create one and go into the mimic tab and you can then build.

We’ve got robotmesh desktop loaded on a pc. Don’t see mimic in it…

I wouldn’t recommend using the mimic tool just for CAD purposes, it’s better for running virtual code.

No I’m just saying to get like a base down for your robot if you don’t feel like learning a cad which can be annoying. I can say that because I am trying to build a cad right now in inventor and it is kind of hard to use the more advanced stuff

I would say, if you are interested in learning an actual CAD program, I would start with SketchUp, as it’s very user friendly compared to Fusion 360 or Inventor, although can be quite frustrating at times.

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You don’t need an app. I didn’t even know there was one. It is on the website. Here is a link the correct thing.
So here are steps: First click new project. Then there should be three big boxes on the top and then pick the target one. Then you should get options on your screen pick v5 mimic. Then click the language box. You can choose whatever you use. Then go to options. Name the program and click the check mark if you want the competition template. Then click create. When that loads you should see three tabs. Description, code, and mimic. then go into the mimic tab and start building. Its really simple from their I taught my self how to us in very quickly.

ah… requires chrome btw.

Do you not have that?

You can get it easily if you don’t

have it. just a note for those reading this post.

Oh, ok
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