Vision Sensor Problems

I am having many issues. My vision sensor won’t connect and I cannot do anything with it. Also my brain has severe problems with connecting to my brain. I can’t compile code.

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Please take the time to provide a more detailed question, so we are able to help you.
We can’t know what your problem is if we don’t know what you have tried.
Do some research and find guides from vex on how to use the vision sensor.

You don’t need brain to compile. You get compile errors if you do something wrong in your code. What are your problems with connecting to the brain?
Again, you need to ask better questions with more information for us to help you.


I know how to use a vision sensor. My vision sensor will not connect to the utility. I’ve switched sensors, brains, cords, and computers. My vision sensor just will not work.
For the brain, my brain has trouble connecting to the computer and I can’t download code onto the Brain.

We had started troubleshooting in this topic

One thing you could try is using a USB 2.0 powered hub between computer and vision sensor. I have seen situations where some laptops are not able to provide enough power for the vision sensor. Beyond that, not sure what to suggest, all the usual ideas, such as changing cables, you have already tried.

I am having the same problems. Was a solution ever discovered?