VRC Predictions Discord Bot

VRC Predictions Discord Bot

So I though, “Hey, I wonder what happens if you plug all the results of VRC competitions into a special ranking algorithm” and it turns out it worked pretty well. Then I thought, “I wonder what happens if I put it into a Discord bot?” and it turns out that also works pretty well. Therefore, without further ado, I present that-Discord-bot-wot-I-made-for-predictions. No special permisions are required, but allowing it to send messages is always handy :slight_smile: (It will work in DMs though as well). It’s designed with some specific features for a few servers, but the important commands are:

Predictions Commands


(I’m working on making a nicer help menu)


to show the top 10 teams worldwide based off the ranking.

=leaderboard <team>

to get the position of a specific team in the above ranking.

=predict <red> <blue>

to predict match outcomes

An alliance is represented as the teams in that alliance seperated by commas (no spaces!). Any number of teams can be in either alliance. For example, the command

=predict 66618Z,3116A 315G





on red against


on blue (without an alliance partner) and at the time of writing predicts a 97.3% chance of a red victory:

Match data is updated every week or so, so if you want a comp to count towards it make sure the results are on roboevents :D. If a team hasn’t competed yet this season, the bot won’t know they exists and will error:

The prefix is set to


by default, but if you DM me @Bottersnike#3605 I can change it to anything you want. Command to do that yourself soon™.

Comming soon:

=leaderboard <country>

to get the national prediction leaderboard.

=leaderboard <organization>

to rank an organization’s teams.

=bracket <SKU/partial SKU>

to predict the results of a comp.
• Whatever else I feel like adding later down the line.

*No, I don’t use light mode. I switched to make the screenshots look nicer


This is pretty cool, thanks for making!

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thanks GOD you don’t use light mode

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How does the algorithm work?

The algorithm I’m using is based upon Microsoft’s TrueSkill algorithm. Every team is represented as a pair of values, mu and sigma. Mu represents the ranking of the team, and sigma represents the confidence of the algorithm in that ranking. I’m likely going to swap out TS with a different algorithm though as although TrueSkill allows for large amounts of flexibility it is less accurate with smaller datasets.


That’s pretty neat, just read about the algorithm.

At the moment I just refetch the data and upload it to my server as and when I remember, so about weekly. Once I optimize the collection of the data, I’ll make it more automatic.


Great addition to our regions server! Thanks!


Match data updated at 2018-11-13 18:58 UTC


Does this bad boi happen to be open source?

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@69922Nathan does this still work? I am interested.

It would be better to dm then reopen a thread less than a month before it’s natural death lul, just for future thought

@DRow :lock:?

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Having not participated really in VEX this year, I’ve had no incentive to update the bot so no, it doesn’t still work. If anyone want to make their own version, the source is at https://github.com/Bottersnike/VEXNet_Bot/blob/master/cogs/predictions.py. As for now, +1 from me on :lock:.


> Worlds cancelled
> Simulated worlds announced
> DRow unlocks thread about a bot that predicts matches
> methinks.jpg


All I’m saying is I’ve only found four teams that can beat 2775J in the discord simulator. World champs 2020???


This isn’t Vexibot, the one used in vtow. That’s the one made by @LegoMindstormsmaniac. This is VEXnet_bot. This one hasn’t been updated for this year. Vexibot has.

Who are they?


From highest score to lowest score: 3217M, 169A, 2114X, and 7K.

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I’m suprised by these

Not by these

Suprised these aren’t on the list.