We Solved The cornerProblem! (Yes We Know The Change From The GDC)

We’ve solved the corner problem! We just wanted to share out there that we have solved the problem in the corner even though the GDC changed this.


It was a literal field flaw though. Sorry to break it to you, but your team does not individually decide the rules/game design of the season.


ok to be perfectly frank, it is preposterous to ask the gdc to revert a ruling just so you can exploit a flaw in the game as a strategy. the corner locking was definitely a flaw in the game, and would have very much disrupted the indented nature of the game, and fixing it was a very good decision.

additionally, I would recommend you try to stay up to date on the rules of the game, as this hasn’t been an issue for over a month.


I have to agree with the gdc on this one. Corner locking was very easy to do, and virtually impossible to counter. Given the point of the game is to constantly be changing the score of the game, it makes little sense to change it. The good news is it is early season, you should be able to change strategy easily.


Im awareof the new rules of the game but we have made our robot able to solve this problem before the update and now because of the GDC’s decision we may changing our whole robot design.

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the corner locking was abig issue, which would have spoiled the nature of the game and would have caused confusion for the majority of teams in the world which probably would not have been aware of this. The gdc does not change the rules because people want their robot to be able to do something, they change the rules when there is a problem with them.


Bruh this thread was a joke right


Its a problem. It is an exploit that makes descoring a goal illegal.


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Its not illegal the rules say no descoring out of the top right?..

descoring out of the bottom is nearly impossible with locking


Ummm in my video i did it easily

this isn’t even a discussion that needs to happen, the gdc fixed this over a month ago, they aren’t going to change it back for one team lol


I believe you have your goals set up with incorrect dimensions, descoring from the edge goals should be fairly difficult. if the ball comes out cleanly your goals are wrong.



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No it was right i made sure it was 90 degrees it was the same. Try it on your field if you just lift the ball above the locked ball it unlocks.

judging by your video in 'Which Vex Change Up Robot Design Is Best":

I dont think that your robot could de-score a locked ball from a competition legal field. as to my knowledge, no one figured out how to de-score a locked ball, and it was even hard to de-score by hand. your field is obviously not competition legal, and the boxes that make up the perimeter are movable (moved at 0:13, 0:26, 0:29, and more), which makes it impossible to trully lock the ball and make it immovable.



no it doesn’t. the ball is tightly locked, your goals are wrong


Try it on your own goals just lift the ball above the locked one and shake the goal a little it works real easy

The corner problem was a flaw and it should Not be re ruled. That’s a no no and it wasn’t supposed to be in the game.