We Solved The cornerProblem! (Yes We Know The Change From The GDC)

I’m telling you, your goals are not set up properly. it is important for your goals to be right otherwise you’ll go to your first event and you won’t be able to descore the correct goals because yours are too easy to descore from.


my goals are right they were built very carefully the balls scrape on the goal just like everyone else. :joy:

Im not expecting the GDC to change anything just wanted to share that we solved the problem. and we probably will be rebuilding soon.

kinda sounded like you wanted them to change it “GDC please make this a “problem” again”


yah sorry bout that :joy:
it be nice if the rule was changed back but if not I will build my robot to fit the rules.

The game was not designed with that sort of thing in mind, and it goes against the spirit of a back and forth game like change up, so I have to disagree on whether changing it back would be nice.


ok every ones got their own opinions i understand what you all mean by it needed to be changed but also could’ve of been a huge game change in the competition og hoods vs. lifts it would definetley make the competition more exciting.

@Xenon27 I think I can see what happened here. @64811AOverHeat, if your goals are indeed built properly (i.e. following the field assembly instructions), then the ball locking is certainly not as easy to descore as was depicted in your video.

I believe your video shows something similar to ball locking. However, the ball simply sits above the ground in your video, where in ball locking, the ball is pushed even further into the back of the goal (so as to stop it from being removed).

I really hope that you will take this as a learning experience to perform your own research and testing before building robots and posting on the forum.

Post script about why this entire thread is ridiculous

Snail can descore a ball at the back of the goal just like a tray lift. Also, could you post the team name and number of another team who planned on utilizing this strategy? (As mentioned in the original post)


do you really think that locking all the corner goals in the first 30 seconds and then basically fighting over the middle goal for the last 30 seconds would “make the competition more exciting”?

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the ball would be pushed back farther :joy:
because I used boxes which pushes the wall farther back.

As shown in my video the ball isnt locked. It’s temporarily stuck so yes i do think it would be more exciting.

This really isn’t much about the GDC’s decision(although I’m a little upset about it) it’s more about we fixed the problem and thoughts on how the GDC’s ruling would make a huge difference in the play of the game.

The problem was not that balls could be lifted off the ground, it was that balls could be permanently stuck in the back of corner goals. (i.e. you did not fix any problem, and anyway this is old news to almost anyone else on this forum)

Before you make more posts on this thread, I encourage you to think about what the purpose of your posting is, and to carefully read through previous posts.


I’ve posted my point

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The force that you need to retrieve a ball even as originally intended is already highly sensitive to the proper spacing of the goal.

I could easily see very long and heated threads later in the season with people complaining that event X or Y didn’t set some of the fields correctly and that it was impossible to descore balls from some of the goals and how it was unfair.

For example:

My guess is that GDC will be sending additional field setup instructions before local competitions begin to ensure that the goals are setup correctly at every venue.

Never hurts to remind such things to EPs that rely on volunteers who may never seen a VRC competition before and have no idea how important those fractions of an inch could be.


In that case, here is a thread detailing many peoples’ opinions on the GDC’s ruling:

Take a look, you’ll find it’s very similar to the discussion you hoped to have here.


Welp GDC made their decision and now ill have to rebuild to the new rules oh well :man_shrugging:

Just some general advice here. Take it slower, post less, and when you do post, make sure you’re well-informed and that you know what you’re talking about before you post. As an example, this entire topic is pointless and accomplished nothing. Also, no need to use :joy: or other laughing emojis during a discussion, it comes of as being not serious and not knowledgeable about what you are talking about. No offense meant, I understand you’re new. just some general advice/etiquette we like to follow here on the vex forum to make everything more productive and helpful for others.


ok no offense taken but how does the thread “cursed images” productive. :joy:

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Welp GDC made their decision and now ill have to rebuild to the new rules oh well

Manual update was May 25th, you have had a month to rebuild. The change to the goals is nothing new. You don’t have to rebuild, from what I can see from your video, it seems like your lift bot is as good as they can get and will work well most of the season.