We Solved The cornerProblem! (Yes We Know The Change From The GDC)

it isn’t, its a chit-chat/rumor mill topic. its a place where people can get a few laughs without trying to be productive or helpful, and that’s how it’s meant to be.


yes it would work really well thanks but its not fast enough

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main reason i chose this design was because of the corner

That’s understandable, but if your lift bot was good your hood bot will probably be good.

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thanks a lot. yah i might do a hood because of its cycling ability and its amazing speed, but thats for another topic

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No, your goals are very clearly not set up correctly. Lets take a look at the official field specifications appendix of the game manual:
The assembly instructions and field specifications say that corner goals should be attached to the field perimeter at three points, two on the bottom and one near the middle of the goal. These attachment points greatly increase the rigidity of the goal and make it more difficult to remove balls. From what I can tell, the goal in your video is not attached at all. In fact, you can see that when your robot runs into the goal to retrieve the ball, the goal actually lifts off the ground. These factors can significantly affect the difficulty level of retrieving locked balls.


I am quite happy that this topic had a peaceful resolutuon and didn’t have to be locked!

But as the discussion was unfolding I was trying to imagine what would be the meme (you know who) would post before hammering it closed. This was my best guess:



In all seriousness you all do understand there was a update on May 25th to fix this problem. I wanted to say this as the rest of this thread could be misleading to some newer teams.


I elect to close the thread here