Weird thought: Since the Vex V5 brains have drawing capabilities, could we possibly make a full blown game with them?

Any thoughts on this? my team was discussing this but wanted to hear your thoughts.(If this even gets seen)

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It’s been done before.


I figure I should mention that yes, porting games to v5 I’d a thing.

Right now, my team just finished making our robot into an etch-a-sketch (we have potentiometers on either side of the screen for auton selection) and using the same ideas, are most of the way through two player pong. Up next is tron.

It gives you a much bigger feeling of accomplishment to build you own games than to port them, and having qualified for state, it’s the perfect time to work on experimental bots, leaving the programmer with a little free time.

I’d like to hear other’s ideas regarding games and such.


someone made a game boy advanced emulator a few years ago

Someone else started making mario.