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wow this is designed great. there is another design committee that DRow should be in.


This forum now uses Discourse. @DRow didn’t make it. The people in charge at VEX didn’t even make it.

Can we dial the password length down please?

i know i was joking.

The default password length was set to 10 characters. I’ve lowered it to 8, which is as low as Discourse will allow.

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Super, that means my old, and default password of pswd1234 will now work again!

All I see is ********

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I’m sure you’re joking.

Oh, Hunter2

(20 char)


You missed a character.
It’s actually Hunter12.



Amazing. Bookmarked.

I would like your post too, but I’ve run out of those for the day…

Nice work, the new forum looks great!

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I like the new Forum!
However, there was an issue with transitioning the code blocks from old posts.
For example, there is the post I made a couple days ago

I had formatted text inline like this , but in that post they got converted to something similar to a


You can see this breaks the flow of my explanation.
Would there be any way of fixing these?

I’m just curious; can someone expand on “Daily Like Limit” that apparently exists?

Users at trust level 2 can… * Daily like limit increased by 1.5×

At the lowest trust level, you can only like 30 posts per day.

Shoot. I can’t have that! DRow says it’s pretty easy to level up, but I haven’t yet. I guess it’ll come with time.
While the spam-blocking features are nice, they can also be a pain to actual users.

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I fixed that post for you. If you notice any others formatted incorrectly, use the flag icon and let a moderator know so they can be fixed.